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Amice meets the Maines

Life, Relocation


After so many years working her way alone, Amice finally learns to connect to people and finds a new family.

Through the last years, Amice had been working to make her way on life, building her reputation around Hrastgar as a consequence. She did small jobs for countless people, and now more often than not earned a bed to sleep at night. During that time, she learned by herself how to use a few magical tricks to help her out here and there and protect herself.   Although they had heard of the girl, the Maines had never actually seen her, until this year. Amice was contacted one day to tend for the sick wife while the husband was out for work and their son at school, and this gave them both a long time to chat. The woman eventually learned that Amice was the daughter of a deceased couple from the Nouvemond farms, and her suspition was confirmed: she knew the girl. The Maines have met Amice and her parents once, not long before they were killed, who have done a big favor to them. When her husband arrived home, they discussed about telling her about her parents and the possibility of adopting Amice, as a way to repay and show gratitude to her family and how they once helped them.   They girl did refuse at first, as she did to all those before them. But after a few more days digesting the already suspect death of her parents and working at their house until the woman had recovered, she grew a little attached to the family, enough for her to give in as they insisted. But while did accept to live with them, she put it under one condition: she had to earn what she got - she accepted a home to live in, not charity.

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