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Abraham II

Current ruler of the Kingdom of Archana

King Abraham Maine II


"I am the only one who can save the kingdom from this mess."
— Abraham II, King of Archana

Abraham II, son of late Edric Maine, is an upstanding individual and loved king by most of the people of Archana. He carried out his father's wishes of making the kingdom stronger as a whole, kickstarting the ADP, carrying out various social programs such as income distribution and welfare state, and sending the ultimate message of resistance to the invading Artalgnian Empire. His towering and strong profile serve as an inspiration to those below him, who see him as a great leader, a father, and an example to be followed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Abraham II is probably the fittest King Archana has ever had. He is tall, beefy, with long hair and beard, all contributing to form the colossal figure of his. Along with his personality, it is no surprise he is often seen as a staunch father, willing to do anything in his reach to protect his children.

Body Features

Abraham has fair skin, honey blond, long and wavy hair. He is tall, his bones and muscles thick, making of him a nearly unmistakable figure when paired to his telltale beard.

Facial Features

As square and imposing as a face can be, Abraham's rough features are concealed by a great full beard and thick eyebrows, while his light, brown eyes shine with hopes for a splendid future. The wrinkles of his age begin to appear around his eyes, cheeks, and forehead, carrying the weight of his responsibilities.

Physical quirks

As if his physical shape wasn't enough to show his strength, it is amplified by his upright, impeccable posture, also showing a striking self-confidence and discipline.

Apparel & Accessories

Abraham likes wearing fur and gold as they are symbols of his royal blood, and purple, the color of the kingdom. Aside from the Crown of the Forefather, he is often seen wearing a long furry cape, with yellow and purple, thick clothing underneath - both regal and protective while not hindering much his mobility. He also often carries his personal weapon with him, a large maul decorated with gold.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much like his father and the father before his, Abraham was a firstborn raised to be a ruler. Although his calling always seemed to be in the battlefield, maybe thanks to his Hrastfolk blood, that never kept him from attending to his duties as a Prince. He grew under a strict education, studying and training the arts of leadership, diplomacy, armed combat, battlefield strategy and much more, making him an exceptional young man.

He inherited the throne and married Queen Beatrice when he turned 20, with King Edric, his father, guiding him as a counselor, as is the tradition. During his first years, he already made a good impression, creating and expanding existing social programs aiming to improve the situation of the kingdom.

Abraham's rule went steady through the first years as he built up approval from the people, and despite a few issues arising here and there, he's always been steadfast and convicted when applying his resolutions. But this solid foundation shook with the events that followed.

After years of failed attempts, Beatrice finally gave birth to Abraham's child: a girl, named Robin. Despite the supposed victory, she was welcomed to the world with more disappointment than joy. Coming from a highly patriarchal family, he believed a son would be better fitting to fulfill the role of a ruler in times of war, but that just meant he would have to either have a second child or find an able suitor for Robin.

Unsure of the future of his lineage, he later began to devise a new strategy to protect the kingdom: the creation of a safe space where Wizards could have all the support they need to study and experiment to better understand the workings of magic and create new technologies. He named it the Arcane Development Program, the front that would lead Archana to a new age.

Near the completion of the ADP, the Artalgnian Empire struck once more and now harder than ever. King Abraham rushed to Fort Edgemourn to meet the Steel Wardens holding the enemies back at the Diamond Walls. While they were mostly decimated, the Wardens did hold their ground valiantly, enough to send the Artalgnian troops running back home. King Abraham decorated Achard Lionhart and the other few survivors as war heroes, claiming that it was thanks to their bravery and the others' sacrifice that Artalgne declared a truce.

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In truth, King Abraham didn't have faith in the Wardens ability to win the battle, and so he sneaked behind the enemy lines to negotiate with the Artalgnian commander. In exchange for peace, Abraham offered Artalgne whatever discoveries the ADP achieved, ceasing the war between them.

From this point on Abraham's rule began to rail off. A strange attrition rose between the government and the remaining Wardens, which would lead to their disbandment later on. Through the next few years, the poverty rates rose, an economic crisis hit Archana hard, the rovers at Blackbourne began to rebel, the death of both his father and the Queen, a wave of crimes lead by the infamous Street Fox began, and the ADP was rendering no results, threatening to start the war all over again.

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Achard eventually discovered the truth about the end of the war against Artalgne and saw what the King did as treason. He was conflicted about what to do with that information as exposing Abraham without evidence would at best create a breach between both families and at worse cause a civil war. As he investigated further, the King disbanded the Steel Wardens as a way to dissuade Achard away from his quest, which led the knight to leave to Artalgne in search for answers, as staying would be dangerous and he couldn't live with the thought that he cowered away from exposing Abraham.

Even as his world was falling apart, Abraham stood resolute in his path. Without a wife to give him a son, he turned his eyes towards the noble families, offering his daughter's hand to whoever proves to be the best suitor. He broke the pact with the rovers, outlawed the carrying of weapons to prevent assaults, invested more money into the ADP, and worked on many other measures to save his kingdom, but even so, the future is looking grim to this day.


As a member of the royal family, Abraham was homeschooled by his parents and had his studies focused in a variety of subjects, such as History, Warfare, Economy, Diplomacy, Armed Martial Arts, Leadership, and so on. While he did great in every discipline, the one he excelled beyond expectations was armed combat, thanks to his strong physique.


Like anyone in his position before him, Abraham was born and raised to be a king. He has never worked on anything before but studied hard to deserve his place as King of Archana. He took on his role at the age of 20, with his father, the previous king Edric, guiding him as a counselor. But Abraham didn't need much guidance from that point on, as his unwavering dedication to his duty had already made him the man that was expected of him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Abraham's greatest achievement is undoubtedly the victory at the Battle of the Red Diamond. His arrival at Fort Edgemourn bolstered the morale of the men, and the strategy he devised was enough for them to make a last stand that rendered the Artalgnian troops hopeless to breach into Archana. This event earned him the title "Bane of Artalgne".

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In reality, Abraham saw the Steel Wardens' numbers dwindling more and more, which killed his trust in their success. He sneaked straight into the Artalgnian backlines and struck a deal with the commander: he was to share all and every result of the ADP to help Artalgne fight against magic, in exchange for peace. Achard discovered this and called treason, but to Abraham, this was no shame, it was, according to him, "a necessary diplomatic resolution".

Failures & Embarrassments

There are no public failures associated with Abraham, but there is one personal regret he holds: having a girl for his only child. His hope to fix this rests in whether or not he will find a proper suitor to become the next king.

Morality & Philosophy

To Abraham, right and wrong are nothing but concepts created by humanity. Morality is subjective, therefore it has no place in reason and politics. He will do anything to protect his kingdom and help it grow stronger, as the evolution of humans and its descending races, and the well-being of them all, are of the utmost importance. Only by together as one can they achieve this, because by themselves people can be nothing more than disorganized barbarians.


The only taboo in Abraham's book is rebellion. Acting against his commands is acting against order and progress. It is going against the will of the people and the good of the kingdom. The uncooperative must be put back into their places, else the unity of the land is threatened.

Personality Characteristics


King Abraham wants to be like his forefathers and leave his mark on History. He believes people can accomplish great things, but they need a strong and great leader to set them on their path - and that role befell upon him. If he does not act, if he does lead, if he does not inspire, his people will break into disarray, and their future will be one of doom.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Abraham excels in multiple subjects thanks to his dedication. Cunning in diplomacy, unbeatable in logic, crafty in warfare, master of languages and fearsome in combat, maybe the only areas he is lacking in are the matters of the heart in his personal life, in which he finds it pretty difficult to connect to people and express his feelings.

Likes & Dislikes

With no time for entertainment, all that can be seen about King Abraham's likes is related to his work. That said, he likes cooperative people, who acknowledge his status and follow his lead into a better future. Consequently, what he hates the most is people who think they know a better way, who live under different ideals and refuse to stand down and obey. At first, he has the patience to try and convince these people they are wrong, but it eventually runs out if they are too stubborn.

Virtues & Personality perks

The most notable virtue of Abraham is his dedication to his responsibilities. He does not shy away from any burden and will give his all into meeting the expectations. While this has made him harsh and demanding, Abraham isn't ignorant towards people's strifes. He hears their pledges and does whatever is in his power to help them. He wouldn't turn down someone in need, as long as they are of his people.

Vices & Personality flaws

Abraham is has a weak spot for keeping things organized. This has him paying attention to small (often irrelevant) details that are out of his liking, which he tries to fix or demands someone to fix it. He sees it as a good trait, a sign of perfection, but that comes strongly so often that it alienates people close to him. This, paired with his denial to see his own flaws, has made of him an overly-demanding father, leaving significant marks in his children.


Contacts & Relations

As a king, Abraham has some kind of relations with all and every organization in Archana. While he does have the authority to order them all as he wants, he mostly leaves them to do their thing, except for a few regulations.

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Abraham is often visited by an Artalgnian informant who comes to check on the ADP's progress. As this is a secret, the informant always comes cloaked and deals with the king and the king only.

Family Ties

Even though Abraham praises the concept of a family, he's always been somewhat detached from his own. His way of doing and dealing with things has roughened all his relationships over the years, especially within his family. Even though most would consider it rather cold, his strongest bond was with his wife, who died 6 years ago. With his daughter, Robin, things are a bit rougher. While he isn't oblivious to her, one can feel a languishing disappointment towards her being a girl and his only child. Still, he is often overprotective towards her, trying to avoid any harm from happening to her, even when it goes against her taste.

Religious Views

Abraham doesn't take religion to heart, but he does believe fully in the Church of Tiamat's Way. With so many concerns in his life, he doesn't have much time left to worry about spiritual matters, and for that, he turned away from the Church in the last decade.

Social Aptitude

One could not conceive the image of a person more all versed in the art of speech than Abraham. From inspiring friends to pacifying enemies, the King is a very charismatic person, able to get what he wants through speech only. There is simply no challenge he thinks he cannot overcome through diplomacy, so confident in his skills as he is.


When speaking to his subjects, he often invites them to a walk around the keep and comes close and personal, putting his hand over their shoulders, while talking about his visions. When he feels threatened, though, he grows distant, impersonal, and stays on his seat while listening to the matter at hand, before rising above to counter-argument.

Hobbies & Pets

His busy life leaves no time for hobbies and such "trivial matters", as he put it. His duty comes above all else, which means no time for fun or distractions.


He has a soothing, deep voice, with which he speaks softly and clearly, using easy words, so he can be easily understood and comfort his people. Even when speaking foreign languages he has an impeccable pronunciation.

Wealth & Financial state

As expected of a King, Abraham is certainly the wealthiest person in Archana. He owns the Dawn Keep as his home, the main and largest political building of Nouvemond, and makes his wealth from taxes, especially exportation taxes from the Craftsmen Guild. He uses a good share of that money to help the poor with social programs, to invest in the ADP, and generate credit in the Bank of Archana.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Archana
Bane of Artalgne
Herald of the New Age
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
447 AE 48 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Light brown
Honey blond, long, wavy
106 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Humanity's nature is foul. They need a strong leader to keep their instincts in check, so we can prosper together."
"The greatest achievements in our History have come from our unity. If we do not stand as one, we will fall."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Family & Relations
Beatrice Maine (wife)
Robin Maine (daughter)
Edric Maine (father)

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