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The Resistance

Liberators of Archana


"Two hundred years ago our ancestors were fighting to set us free from tiranny. Now look at us..."
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

After the Artalgnian Empire brought the Nation of Nouvemond to its knees, the Archani's insatisfaction and hatred towards their conqueror only grew through the decades. A young woman and her brother gathered a group of rebels and, eventually, the Resistance succeeded in liberating the nation, founding the Kingdom of Archana.


The Resistance was divided into 2 groups, each with a different objective and routine: the Steel Wardens, who were the forefront of the movement, tasked of fulfilling the more dangerous and face-to-face operations; and the Silent Blades, who were in charge of stealth missions, such as spying and assassination; they were the Sword and Shield of the people. Each division had their own chain of command, with the Wardens being lead by Charles Maine, who would later become King, and the Blades lead by Douglas Devin. The Resistance as a whole was lead by Lady Amice Lionhart, founder of the movement and older adoptive sister to Charles.

Public Agenda

The motivation behind the Resistance was Amice's wish to free Archana so the people could live the good life she wanted for herself. This is what brought her to begin the rebellion and motivate her followers, keeping their morale high throughout the entirety of the long term plan.


While their spirit was strong, the Resistance's resources were very limited. They used what the Blades could scavenge from a ruined Blackbourne, and what each individual could buy or make without attracting suspicious eyes.

The Blades had their headquarters hidden from Artalgne's eyes in the underground of Blackbourne while the Wardens were in Hrastgar, but they could not all meet without drawing unwanted attention, which is why they used messages to deliver orders and met in smaller groups to train in the basements.


Growing up in a life of hard work, the orphan Amice felt on her own flesh what Artalgne had done to her land. When she found a family to stay with, she could settle down and saw the opportunity to fight for the freedom of the people. With the reputation she acquired, it wasn't too hard to find and recruit friends and acquaintances to her cause, starting the Resistance.

Through the next years, Amice, Charles and the rest of the rebels conducted countless operations to disrupt Artalgne's control over Arcanopia, to the point Duke Messenio Tacitus finally acknowledged them as a threat to the status quo. This marked the day the hunt for the Resistance started when anyone accused to be part of the rebellion would be burnt alive.

Using this to their advantage, together with Amice's secret aptitude with Fire magic, they devised a plan where a fake assassination attempt against the Duke would get Amice captured, drawing him away from his hiding for her public execution, so Amice and the Resistance could show the ace up their sleeve and kill him.

While the operation was far from smooth with the battle that broke out and the loss of a few men, it was a success. With Artalgne out of the new and independent Kingdom of Archana, Charles was crowned king and Amice retreated to a quiet life.


While the Resistance was officially dissolved, both of its divisions lived on for the years to come, with the Steel Wardens relocated to Edgemourn to defend the border and the Silent Blades going back to hiding under Blackbourne to be used by the government when necessary.


The Steel Wardens earned their right to be seen as the heroes of Archana. Standing at Fort Edgemourn, they successfully pushed invading force back time and again, and not once did they fail to protect the kingdom. Still, with the peace treaty with Artalgne and the creation of the ADP, King Abraham Maine disbanded the Wardens, claiming they are no longer useful. A shield used by King Charles during the days of the Resistance, the Ward of the Sun, is a remaining relic from the order, and now sits in display inside the walls of the Dawn Keep.

The Silent Blades still exist, though most people have no knowledge of this. They are still working for the crown, under the direct order of the King, both inside and outside the borders of the kingdom. Their Master is still in possession of the Blade of Liberation, a relic from the first leader of the Blades.


299 AE - 307 AE

Illicit, Rebel
Training Level
Veterancy Level
s. Rebel; pl. Rebels
Related Ethnicities

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