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A sub-culture of seafarers and outlaws


"Lemme guess... You, gentlemen, are here to try and arrest me for the crime of voluntary trade and free speech? Heh, you aren't the first... And you sure won't be the last."
— Alwer Deepsea, captain of the Maelstrom

For centuries since the The Calamity, the intense cold of the northern islands of Europa urged people to move further down into the continent. Many settled down, but others opted to stay without a land to call home. One of the places that was often a stop for these nomads was The Hub Lands, a peninsula next to the Kingdom of Archana, which has become a commonwealth of settlements for them. Due to their free nature, the rovers have always walked side by side with controversy, and their reputation has become one of pirates and thieves.


Funerary and Memorial customs

The rovers' funerary rites are rather unique among the other peoples nearby, due to the fact they live more on the sea than on land. In the end of the Rovian Funeral, the body of the deceased is cast into the sea, to become one with the home that provided them so much.

Historical figures

Ol' Deepsea is no doubt one of the greatest rovers in History. His explorations and findings inspired many adventurers, especially his apprentice and successor Alwer Deepsea.

Major organizations

Despite being recently annexed to the Kingdom of Archana, the rovers themselves have no official organizations to call their own. Still, there is what they call the Pirate Order, a non-official, cultural alliance between seafarers and adventurers who may help each other in times of need.


While most of the rovers are peaceful, they often keep it to themselves. The minority, though, are the loud ones, and the ones who earned this people a bad name: pirates. Cruel sea-thieves without a nation, they are known throughout the seas for the threat they pose to port cities. This has tainted them all, even the good people who only travel around and harm no one. In Archana, especially in Blackbourne, rovers are very often accused of crimes they do not commit; some adventurers even embraced the title of "pirates" they have received, resulting in the ironically-named Pirate Collective.

Parent ethnicities
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