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Tales of the Ol' Deepsea

The greatest pirate of the Rovers


"Ol' Deepsea was like a father to me. To all of us. The old bastard was as cunning as the legends say, but he was a greater man than any tale could ever describe."
— Alwer Deepsea, captain of the Maelstrom

Although most of the other Archani don't, there is one story every Rover will know: the legend of Ol' Deepsea.


There are countless stories of adventures of the Ol' Deepsea. From the battles against Krenjor during the War for the Hub Lands, to the adventures at the Kaldarian deserts, tales tell about the great explorer who saw all there is to see. A brave adventurer, cunning trickster, proud Captain and silver tongue, it is said Ol' Deepsea sailed until his last dying breath, had his corpse casted to the sea as is the custom of the Rovers and passed his ship and tripulation to the command of his apprentice, Alwer.

Historical Basis

Most of what is told about Ol' Deepsea are factual events or at least exaggerated versions of the truth. He was already a rather famous pirate among the Rovers, especially after the war against Krenjor when he gathered the Rovers and organized the Pirate Order for a cunning plan to expel the krenja troops from the Hub Lands. But it was after he conquered an infamous undying storm and brought it to an end that his legend began.

Cultural Reception

Ol' Deepsea is to the Rovers much as Lady Amice is to the Archani. He has become a symbol to their culture, a model to live up to. He inspires stories for both children and adults, those who are and who will be adventurers.

Date of Setting
From around 450 to 489 AE
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