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Exiled Dwarves

The outcasts of dwarven Citadels


"You know, I actually have quite a little respect for the exiled ones. Until one of them tries to assault me, that is."
— Aria Dabalan, the Bard

When a Mountain Dwarf offends the Law of a Citadel by commiting a major crime, such as thievery, they are expelled from their city to never come back. While this indeed might happen, it is a really rare event as dwarves are naturally prone to be respectful to their ways. When this happens, though, the individual loses their family name and is erased from their history, as to support the fact they will never be accepted back into the dwarven society.

Naming traditions

Due to the fact exiled dwarves have their family names stripped from them, they are often given a surname by those close to them, related to their occupation or any other distinguishing characteristic they carry. For instance, a blacksmith might be named "Steadyhammer" for being known to have precise strikes, while an outlaw might be called "Backbreaker" because of that one time they broke a guard's back with a punch.


Culture and cultural heritage

Without a home or destination, exiled dwarves have no common culture or customs that they are known for. They sometimes cling to their old ways, and sometimes they try and attach to the customs of the group they have settled with, though that is often an issue to both parties given the stubbornness dwarves are very well known for, hindering their process of connecting with the new community or group.

Most exiled dwarves tend to wander through the continent, although some of them settle in human cities as City Dwarves in order to try and find some kind of personal redemption. Of those who would rather live by themselves, some give in to their grudges and turn to crimes and piracy. The vast majority of these dwarves don't have beards, both to show their detachment for their people and so it doesn't become a nuisance during their travels, and a few of them shave their heads as well.


Exiled dwarves, those who don't stay within human territory, tend to use lighter equipment to make their wandering easier, creating a very distinct look from dwarves of other cultures. Still, given the chance, they will always favor weapons that make the best use of their physical strength.

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