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Rovian Dialect

Slangs and idioms of the rovian pirates


"Oy, flowernanny! Outta here 'fore dem rulespitters come bother us!"
— a pirate rover

With the rise of the Rovers' culture, it is no surprise that both their informal and itinerant nature would give birth to a unique dialect.


Geographical Distribution

The region of greatest concentration of this dialect is the Hub Lands, where many of the rovers take shelter or settled down. Still, as they are mostly itinerant people, this dialect can be found in many lands throughout the seas.


Ayver - A person who drinks too much; a drunkard. This term originated from the word "ivre" of old French, meaning "drunkard".

Handless Joe - A useless crew member, who cannot be trusted with any task. This term originated from a pirate nicknamed Handless Joe, who found himself unable to help with any task onboard after he lost his hands.

Fishface - A racist term used to talk about the Mer. It refers to their slightly fish-like features.

Flowernanny - Someone who left the sailing life behind, who settled on land; a coward. This term means "one who tends to plants", which is an activity exclusive to those who live on land.

Rulespitter - Self-righteous; someone who spits rules; a governmental authority.

Scamper - A coward; someone who runs away from the consequences of their actions. Evolved from the word "scamp".

Weaksoul - Someone with no skill on magic. The ability to control magic comes mostly from one's soul, someone weak of soul is weak on magic.

Spoken by

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