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Somewhere in your setting, describe
What are some common insults unique to a language in your world?
A total of 136 entries

Guide to hadakin curses (and how to curse them back!)

Insults and Derogatory words

The Lost Language of Halo

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How to swear in Calandyrion

The Traveler of the Depths of Paranis, V1, P7 : Insulting peoples is not always good.

Merchant's Parlance in the Crown of Lidas

Insultes et termes péjoratifs à caractère racial

Applicable Insults, Ch. 4 of the Hegemon's Review

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Southern Plains Insults

Language of disgrace in Bellflower

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Horron's Guide to Infernal Idioms & Insults

Imperfect words in a Perfect world

UTIL, the Obscene and Labyrinthine

Slizzarak - The Basics (+ Insults!)

Slurs Across Time and Space

Insults of the Fripay peoples

A Guide to Speaking with the Fair Folk

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, Revised