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What are some common insults unique to a language in your world?
138 in total

The articles

Crevician Insults


Insulting Lifestyles

Guide to hadakin curses (and how to curse them back!)

Sign of a Mark

Dwarven language

Insults and Derogatory words

The Lost Language of Halo

The Common Language

Wavecrest chatter

Common insults around the world

Common Curses & Insults

Swear words of the Equine


High Imperial

Dionian Way of Insults

How to swear in Calandyrion

The Traveler of the Depths of Paranis, V1, P7 : Insulting peoples is not always good.

The insults of the trade

The most known insults

The Goblin Language

Merchant's Parlance in the Crown of Lidas

Language: Low Arayas

Insultes et termes péjoratifs à caractère racial

Applicable Insults, Ch. 4 of the Hegemon's Review

Diccionari d'insults i llenguatge col·loquial d'Eimai

Taenic Language

Curses of the Laeonessai


Modern Apirimortian

Rovian Dialect

101 Galorian Insults

The Provocateurs guide to Ravos


Top Elven Compliments

Gavroki language

Sedrian Insults

Pirate's Cant

Kimirian Language

Insults of The Pit

Son of a Shoe - A bit of Arkatrashian Culture


Swearing for Fun & profit

Duels of the Tongue

Orcovian Common

Camonian Trade Language

The Colourful Language of Lantana

Mermish Language

How Not To Behave In Public

Soliil Anglo-Dutch

Ancient Vanaras

A list of Insults

Langue commune

Southern Plains Insults

The Magmer Language

The Menicean Language

Curses and the Power of Language

Language of disgrace in Bellflower

Branos Common

Insultos comunes de la Dimensión Etérea

Twekkin Slang

Shadow Tongue

Nissayrian Insults

Horron's Guide to Infernal Idioms & Insults

Insults of Ior

Imperfect words in a Perfect world

The Dokhar Language

UTIL, the Obscene and Labyrinthine

Slizzarak - The Basics (+ Insults!)


Dabic Empathy

Corsair Cant

Slurs Across Time and Space

Riss' Drunken Ramblings


Insults of the Fripay peoples

Common Insults

A Guide to Speaking with the Fair Folk


Tang Pidgin Insults

Cursing in Ivi

Miners' Cant

Imperial Insults

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, Revised

Alatika (Atlantean Language)

Stolisian Insults

Common Assertions in Cieran

Insults Throughout Rakuen

Modern Gerudo (language)


Uman: the Common Language


Goraski Insults

Deep Speech

Common Avalonian Insults

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