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The most known insults

The most known insults in the lands are not that mean in the lands but some are really mean.   Jackels - it means a mean fellow that bullies others and tries a lot to bribe people to get information.   After noon farmer - a farmer that sleeps in late and lacks on doing chores.   Migit - a person that is shorter then normal.   Simline - a person that is just simple.   Nogon - a person that is very dumb.   Siliecon - a person that is very silly.   Glunt - a person that eats a lot of food.   Qapafaphothudvinphe - a person that is really smart and loves learning the word comes from a very smart person named Qapafaphothudvinphe.   Bland - a person that doesn't have very many taste buds and hates trying food.   Goner - a person that does very stuiped things like jump of cliffs when there is nowhere to go and servive.   Devilous - a person that is very rude and unkind it comes from the word devils.   Dragons have some comman insults but not as many as the hummans.   Rever - a person that beaks the law to do things they shouldn't.   Dracol - a dragon that is really evil and doesn't give a care about others.   Even though they are mostly are not harsh insults people think it is bad to be called them and think there horrible if called one. People try not to say them the best they can but people say them like no one cares about it. They are known all over the land of the Divided and some people dont say any of the words very few know about the words but most people do. They aren't very comman in the public they are more comman in places that don't have as many people.

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