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Crevician Insults

Respect is very important in Crevice and for the Path of Cynosure, but that does not mean there aren't insults. Most of these are usable on any of the Strata, but there are some that are specific to strata and are not heard anywhere else. Here is a short list of a few common quips.

Common Phrases
  1. Ivern: Messy or smelly
  2. Roach Gut: Fat or overweight
  3. Mantis Woman: A mean woman (usually used when the woman ends a relationship)
  4. Bright Soul: Non-Believer (This is a serious insult and can end in quite a fight)
  5. Spitter: Term used for people who are bad at interpretation, usually during a forum debate.
  6. Dreamer: Although should be a compliment, it is currently used for people who are too literal with interpretations.
  On the Paradise Stratum calling someone Brittle means weak and is very insulting to Giants or Goliaths.
On the Lake Stratum calling someone Fishy also means they stick their nose where it doesn't belong.
On the Guild Stratum calling someone a merchant Furballed means they are charging too much and are their goods are cheaply made. A very serious attack on any merchant.

  Author's Note:There are many others throughout the city and time changes many of these as well. The cultural differences in each Strata allows for so many unique words and insults. Visitors may struggle to understand some of the more local phrases. I hope to update this list with new ones as they come to mind.

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