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"Initial interactions with these...folk..have regarded us with a unique understanding of a completely new dialect. The word for their dialect is something that we've found through basic sign interpretation. It seems to mean "undercommon"..
- An excerpt from the book "Words and Meanings of the Underlanguages"
  Spoken by the Farthkanen of Iscoania and the Vauevini that are spread across the Eight Lands, Undercommon is close to Evin. Despite the similarities between it and Evin, Undercommon is seen as a perverted language and should never be spoken in polite company.  

Common Phrases

Undercommon is built upon a perceived form of niceties that have a complete absence of light, both literally and metaphorically.   Formal greeting
"Xal oloth ser dosst chath ugul"
Translation: May darkness keep your fire low
  Formal farewell
"Ortelanth lil' ssussun anika' ragar dos ulnin"
Translation: Pray the light does not find you soon
  Informal greeting
"Oloth ser dos"
Translation: Darkness keep you
  Informal farewell
"Xal ssussun gyolaen dos"
Translation: May light oppose you


The Farthkanen of Iscoania and the Vauevini tend to use Undercommon to mask their insults of other races that they might encounter, and neither are particularly reticent about it. An understanding of the commonly used racial insults can only go towards aiding any conversation one might have with an Iscoanian Kanen or a Vauevini.   Insult to Kanen
"Teladinea tonashss karliiken"
Translation: Drunken rock heads
  Insult to Evini
"Wylth lodias"
Translation: Thorn people
  Insult to Humans
"Vesss jindurn rewt da'uren"
Translation: Smooth face fat legs
  Insult to Peri
"Inlul faerl zatoasten"
Translation: Small, magical bastards
Common   Native speakers
Farthkanen and the Vauevini


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Jul 24, 2018 12:46

"Vesss jindurn rewt da'uren" was my favourite of the bunch X) I might just use that against you in the discord chat èwé be prepared... I like how simplistic and easy to read it is. Well done! Yours truly, Olfg.

Jul 24, 2018 13:16 by Andrew

If you do, expect me to reply with "teladinea tonashss karliiken"!

Jul 24, 2018 14:43 by Heath O'Donnell

Very interesting. I'd like to see more common insults just thrown around between undercommon speakers. Maybe even go into a bit of dialouge between two characters?

Jul 24, 2018 14:59 by Andrew

I have ideas for expansion, but they won't be added for a while.

Jul 24, 2018 16:14

Nice touch to have the original language as well. The gnome one is harsh, clearly no love for them.

Jul 25, 2018 03:09 by Andrew

Mm, that or there's no better translation