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Work or die. In the first case, you are useful. In the second, you are entertaining.

"When you see these kanen at war, you'll wish you never saw them at all.."
- Stornas Thundersword, founder of the Golden Depths
  These darkened kanen see themselves as the purest manifestations of kanen ideals. Where ordinary kanen toil for the love of their industry, Farthkanen do so from a drive to create and own as many goods and treasures as possible.   Hidden away from the majority of the world, Farthkanen mine diligently, their priests being responsible for the arrangements of marriages, not to create a legacy but to ensure their clan lives on.   The culture of Farthkanen is quite hollow. For all of the items and goods that they create, they feel no happiness or satisfaction, they simply continue to exist. They become eternal cogs in an engine of destruction that is the antithesis of the ordinary kanen joyous cycle of manufacturing.  

Three Rules of Conduct

The psychology, culture, and society of the Iscoanian kanen are set and dependant on the three principles laid down by their deity, a perversion of Oemis named the Dark Silent One.  
Our pockets are never full

Farthkanen are fueled in all their actions by two pervasive feelings: ambition that never flags and greed that can never be satisfied. Though they might scheme and plot at great lengths to gain treasure or prestige, success is never a cause for celebration. Each acquisition, once in hand, is like a meal that quickly loses its appeal, leaving these kanen hungry for more. No matter how much wealth or power they gain, it's never enough.  
Our fight is never done

As the Iscoanian kanen acquire treasure and prestige, they need to become ever mightier to hold on to what they have. When the kanen wage war on other races, they demonstrate that the weak aren't fit to possess that which is meant for the strong. And to these kanen, no creatures are more unworthy of holding wealth than the ordinary kanen of the world. When these kanen have an opportunity to strike at other kanen, especially in their strongholds, they fight with utmost viciousness and cunning, matching the value of the spoils to be gained with the intensity of their onslaught.  
Our resolve is never shaken

Any show of weakness is a mortal sin among these kanen, and that stricture extends to personal conduct as well as to the working of their clan. Displays of happiness, contentedness, and trust are forbidden. Farthkanen are bound together in a rigid society, but it is a marriage of necessity rather than choice. In the Underdark, they must cooperate to survive.Within their society, each individual fills a role assigned to them and must perform it to the best of their abilities.   The warriors of these kanen epitomize the race's abandonment of emotion and individuality. In battle, they wear heavy armour and hateful, scowling masks that hide their identities. When assembled in ranks, these kanen move forward like army ants. They are an implacable, relentless foe, marching over the corpses of their fallen comrades to press the attack.    

Selfimposed Exile

For generations, Farthkanen have relied on humanoid captives to perform unskilled labour in their workshops. Only the lowest, most miserable Farthkanen would consent to do grunt work that requires no artifice or skill.   In recent decades, however, these kanen have begun to move away from the practice of slavery. Some of them have discovered that mechanical servitors powered by psionic energy are more durable and more efficient than slaves. Thus, various kinds of automatons have been developed, each designed to fill a role within Farthkanen strongholds. Some clans have created models to make raiding parties more formidable, and other forms of automaton include digging and tunnelling machines which are golem-like monstrosities that tear through rock and extract ore from it.  


Though they do stay hidden from the world, they do trade with the island of Cinia, to the North of their own island. The Farthkanen don't come out from their underground dwellings very often, if ever, and as such the trading done with Cinia is an odd process.   Their trade is done within steps.   Firstly, their trade shipments are signalled to Cinia by sending stone for them to come across and make the trade.   Then, the kanen load a form of gateway full of their trade goods, and when the traders from Cinia arrive, they take the goods left there from the kanen. This process is done roughly twice a month.   Understandably, Farthkanen are remiss to part with their goods, but within their isolated island, they have few solutions and as such are forced to trade with Cinia for the goods they need to survive.
Dwarves of Iscoania
by Theiket (via MidJourney)

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Author's Notes

The Dwarves of Iscoania are based on the Duergar listed in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition supplemental book Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes and are near identical to them. This is intentional. I do not claim any right to ownership of this material.

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