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Dimitris Havlidis

Member since: 6 Sep, 2017


Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.

Interests & Hobbies

Role-playing, photography, drawing, reading (listening to audiobooks really), swimming, and some hardcore museum going

Favourite Games

Civilization series, Stellaris,

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15 Feb, 2018 05:34

Happy birthday!

16 Feb, 2018 06:06

Thank you sir!

6 Mar, 2018 21:39

Thank you for the warm welcome in my email once I signed up! It looks like I have a lot to learn, but since I currently find myself utterly enrapt with every writing tool I ever imagined I needed all in once easily accessible place, I'm hoping the learning curve won't be too bad for me.

7 Mar, 2018 16:45

You are very welcome Taonacat!
Anything you need just ask! I would recommend you join our Discord! A lot of people there happy to help out!

16 Apr, 2018 05:39

Hey, thank you so much for following Wuldevfre, especially given its current state! And also thank you so much for this wonderful website and tool. It's everything I wanted and more.

16 Apr, 2018 11:38

I love seeing new worlds sprout to life - this is one of the reasons I created World Anvil - no reason to thank me. Just go on and build your awesome world. I Would love to learn more about it!

13 May, 2018 04:55

Thank you for favoriting my race, what do you think of the Iserun?

15 May, 2018 18:18

Thanks for the watch! I've hit that "slow-down" point, and it helps being reminded that I'm not designing in a vacuum!

16 May, 2018 05:36

You are most definitely not! Also join the discord! A lot of people to inspire you there!

15 May, 2018 19:29


16 May, 2018 05:37

<3 Good morning beautiful bastard

16 May, 2018 13:41

Thanks so much for everything you do!

17 May, 2018 12:25

Thank you for following my world! I also wanted to say thank you for World Anvil, it has made it way easier for me to categorise and organise my ideas, I simply love this website!

17 May, 2018 22:25

Everytime you're feeling down or thinking you're not doing enough, please come back to this message.

Dimitris: you are an awesome human being we all love and care about. Don't you dare to forget that. If you did half what you have already done for us, you'd still be the second most wonderful person in this world (hi, Janet!). If you did a 10% of what you have already done you'd still be among my favourite people in the world. But, above all you've coded and above all you have created, remember that we love you for the amazing, caring, nice, warm and loving person you are. The way you take care of us all like our older brother has more value than all the World Anvils in the world, and, of course, your tool has given us life.

So you can't, I won't allow you to overwork yourself, stress yourself or convince yourself that you're not enough, because just the effort and time you invest in us is greater than any fancy feature that can be coded. I knew, since the moment that I rolled into the World's End Inn for the first time, that World Anvil was something bigger than anyone could even imagine back then. Soon, all I wanted was to make sure it would grow up as much as it and you, its heart and core, deserve. Being chosen to work by your side is the biggest honour I've been given and I will do anything to deserve the trust you've given me. You're a cool older brother, Dimis, and you got my loyalty now and forever. I believe in you, so you believe in yourself.

Sounds fair?


17 May, 2018 23:04

Feature request: The ability to ♥ this comment.

17 May, 2018 22:58

I can't top Blue's heartfelt message but I'm just here to say that I once saw Dimitris climb and behead a giraffe with his bare hands.

He didn't half-ass it either, he climbed right up to the tippy-top of that critter's neck and karate chopped its skull clean from its head.

True story.


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