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Shadow Tongue

Used by thieves, beggars and hustlers of various kinds as part dialect and part secret language that allows those of low standing to converse with each other without revealing their true intentions.


Shadow Tongue uses alternative stresses on words that create double meanings that the unaware or knowledgeable will miss. As time has gone by the language was revealed to those not intended to learn of it and there have been several attempts to disseminate Shadow Tongue to others but have had mixed results. The Clockwork guild has secretly created several books with mistranslated with the result exposing the speaker as someone who is aware of the rogues nature but ignorant. As some rogues have been raised to higher ranks through guile or other means there have been cases of turning on the streets but often those that share the language freely are targeted and silenced.


Common Phrases

"The streets" - Fellow Ne'er-do-wells
"Isya Mouth Black?" - Do you speak Shadow Tongue?
"Pardon upon my soul for dealin yase" - I swear to hurt you in some way
"Hiss shadow an't half dark" - This rogue is too noble (a insult)
"Wilya pay penny for pound?" - Are your services for sale? (can be considered an insult depending on context)
"Cleans walking the dirt" - Here is a mark for us

Common Phrases taught to Marks

"Ima dark stray" - I am like you (Real Translation: I am an idiot)

Geographical Distribution

Shadow Tongue originated in the capitol of Gedic and spread as the Clockwork Guild began to unify the various rogues and roughs throughout the reign of mankind. Now it has spread through the entire country and even appeared in various ports as smugglers and pirates share the language abroad.
Root Languages

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