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The official language of the Noravia , and spoken by the majority in Blaustein, Skoce and Dyrvik, Noravian is an inflected language from a branch of the more ancient Krovast language group. It has a precise, analytical quality that other language speakers say lacks nuance, emotion and subtley; however a true native speaker can be just as eloquent or insulting as any other.  

Noravian insults

Though the words and ways of insulting another run through the full gamut of all the social classes, it is the nobility and upper classes in Noravia that see "the art of the insult" as a game. A few examples are:
The world is full of countless peoples, species, races; It is my pleasure in knowing that all their eyes cannot see the countenance before me.
To know that the entirely of your perspicacity has been elucidated in its entirely in that one sentence, is truly a marvel.
Nay sire, I would not be as uncouth to besmirch thee, it is simply my many thoughts are lofty and exhausting to comprehend; surely they should be challenged by a mind that can comprehend them.
Common Female Names
Almut, Aristea, Auguste, Bertille, Chiara, Eleonore, Ernesta, Gertrud, Gunda, Hedwig, Hildegard, Gina, Gertrudis, Lena, Marike, Randi, Wigburg
Common Male Names
Aimar, Andreas, Arnt, Clauwes, Curth, Detlev, Eckhard, Friedger, Gebhard, Gerfried, Heinrich, Horst, Johann, Ladwich, Nolte, Tönjes, Wighard, Wilburg

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4 Jul, 2018 00:16

I love these insults, they seem very high brow and I think that fits the people well.

GorgeFodder - Former Forge Father & Former Community Director of World Anvil
4 Jul, 2018 00:27

I feel one could get insulted and come off feeling as if they were complimented rather than insulted...which would only deepen the insult and the smugness of the one giving the insult. Very nice!

4 Jul, 2018 01:48

Sophisticated, elusive to a frail mind and at the same time truly insulting to those who might understand them. Great job on the insults!