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Noravia, or as it is officially titled the Grand Union of the Noravia Federation, is the most populous human country within Heimval. It is situated on the plains north and the rolling hills south of the river Aal, and from the foothills of Karag-Finn to Siegl Bay in the east.   Noravia is the youngest human nation, having been formed in 260AF through a combination of conquest, political alliances and mercantile power by Alric Schwartzberg from the former nations of Averland, Taln, Seeveldland and Sommerburg.  


Noravia has two distinct geographic regions; the Baurnflach plains north of the Aal river that comprise mainly of arable grasslands, farmlands and the Weishart Forest, and Skanstof Hills south of the river that form a curve of mineral rich forested valleys and dales around the slopes of Karag-Finn and along Noravia's southern coast around the edge of Siegl Bay.  




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  • 260 AF

    The formation of Noravia
    Political event

    The Grand Union of the Noravia Federation was brought into existence by the election of Alaric Scwartzberg to the position of Grave-Patriarch.

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