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Ancient Vanaras

The ancient language of the now destroyed Vanara's empire and now is used by scholars, nobles or anyone else wanting a challenging language to show off their intellect. Few are actually fluent most only knowing common phrases.


the alphabet is the same as common due to this language being what it was based on.

Geographical Distribution

rarely spoken by people all over Rimosus


iln greetings ol from nai me steqanolis teach notx shit cig on rot you rota your lonag lineage fo is natin tainted von son monkiga primitives tia of swo high hali hope nodat death fovs fear nog the wasa sky steqanalis knows monkige primitive steq mind nod die coria slowly --ni::in gratos pain asen a natil taint iloan filthy foratonis hedonist foya fucker toriz sympathizer Volsatilen void --seqanali::Science ferat denier ton lover soelan nature rimosus earth ulos fire etil plant reol monster rews beast hekli water solin sand onlis blood boliv book lox light iloc body tolix sun oet ocean uil ship novvey sickness yote hate kolis power tize disire quel master qual servant quol friend quyl enemy volis birth boel health olahl always Lekn thus ot to etarnis tyrants

Common Phrases
iln ol nai Greetings from me steqanolis nai Teach me   Notx cig rot Shit on you Rota lonag fo notx natin Your Lineage is shit tainted Notx nai Shit me Von tia monkiga Son of primitives Swo hali tai rota nodat High hopes of your death Fovs nog wasa Fear the sky wasa steqanalis rot Sky knows you Monkige steq Primitive mind Notx steq tia monkiga Hal rot nod coria ni gratos Shit mind of primitives hope you die slowly in pain Rota asen natil iloan foratonis Your a taint filthy hedonist foyu tia monkiga fucker of primitives Monkige torilz Primitive sympathizer Volsatilen natin Void tainted seqanali ferat Science denier Ton tia soelan Lover of nature

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