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1294 A.F.

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In danger from within and without of corruption and destruction. The biggest line of defense against the influences of the Void is the Grey Cowls powerful and well trained magus specifically raised to be the enemies of the dark gods.   The Void is the realm of the dark gods. Just a glimpse of the realm risks madness and corruption of a mortal mind. the greatest presence of the Void in the material realm is where magic is present. The realm is one of the sources of magic in the material realm the other being the Ethereal realm.   Neidr is the most developed of the continents with the most kingdoms and boasts the headquarters of the Grey Cowls. Aurora has only been colonized in the last 50 years by the peoples of Neidr. Murtunut Muna was discovered very recently 8 years before the present and remains mostly unexplored. Canes is home to only two very xenophobic races that are constantly at war with each other and any colony from Neidr. Anguisa is a very inhospitable place full of danger and riches with only 1 in 10 expeditions returning home.