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Goraski Insults

Insults in Goraski are only limited by the speaker's imagination. Many get very specific and tend to be long phrases than short words. Comparisons to rats, toads, and cabbages are common as are suggestions of unscrupulous behavior. Shorter insults may attack someone's appearance or personality. Without resorting to creative phrases or crass words, an easy way to insult someone in Gorsaki is to use the incorrect form of 'you'. Referring to an elder or stranger informally or a friend with the formal you is incredibly offensive. Many names can be turned into insults as well by adding -ka to the end of a nickname.  
Compared to the Veronans and Etrans who rely heavily on their faith to insult, the Gornosi have an incredible repertoire of insults at hand. While the translations often sound silly, the immense hostility and vitriol behind many of these phrases goes beyond proper description. In my time in Gora Nos, I have seen grown men cower upon having their backsides compared to a toad, and an elderly woman was reduced to tears when her son pronounced that not even a pox would think her worthy to infect. I realize that it is the aim of many students to learn how to yell insults in a foreign language, but it would be impossible for me to write a book containing all the possible insults in Goraski. I recall one disgruntled villager describing a fisherman's nets as being capable of letting only big fish escape. I encourage my students to exercise their creativity when coming up with insults, and I believe that many of us could something about being offensive without being crass.
— Wilburn Suthmore
Common Phrases
Tvo utesh prodole bolenje gushke
Your father sells sickly geese
Tvoa prodicha jukusnija og peshanoka heba
Your family tastes worse than sandy bread
Tvoa mama je rodija zabichu sam otene noke
Your mother gave birth to a toad with eight legs
Sushe nje radiste nat tvojim dushum
The sun doesn't rise over your home
Nje bite nakat mogu prushite zipole
May you never be able to afford shoes
Tvoa sheshtra spana se sam pavosima
Your sister only sleeps with rats
Rige njeshiti i tvasem prishutvu
Fish rot in your presence
Tvoa basha pratvoru zabichu o rodijat stolnage
May your grandmother turn into a toad and give birth to centipedes
Nje vorodi neket proseti tvojim dushum
The gods will not visit your home
Tvoa mama kopisnosh koje je rodija kishe za zinu
Your mother is a cabbage who spawned a pickle for a son
Tjo pasi pate sam prljavishtom o sruvine
You bake pies with dirt and worms
Taka baka
A thin beard
Rige njebes koste
A boneless fish
Fire spark
Spaleni heba
Burnt bread
Kashelo pigo
Sour beer
Pig faced
Cabbage faced

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