Horron's Guide to Infernal Idioms & Insults

Want to insult someone without them knowing it? Fancy impressing your friends with new phrases? Feel like your mockeries are not quite vicious enough? Well, Horron's here to help you.
— Horron, Tiefling bard & teacher at the Brinewatch Bard College

  The following phrases all come from the infernal language. Whilst the language was first spoken by devils, the vast majority of these phrases come from tiefling culture. I hope that they serve you well on your travels.


Fazit drakon'ziz orum? (fazz-zit drah-kon-zizz or-um) -
'Does a dragon want gold?', a response used when someone asks you a question in which the answer should be obviously 'yes'.
Navizez nul'enozit zolum Nav-eez-ezz nul-ee-noh-zit zoh-lum -
This spiritually translates to 'ships do not sail by themselves', this phrase is used to remind someone that it often takes support to achieve their dream.
Noz zeqiz luz, luz zeqiz noz (nozz zeh-kizz luzz, luzz zeh-kizz nozz) -
'Darkness follows light, light follows darkness'. The usage of this phrase is two fold, it is both a reminder to celebrate the good times because one never knows how long they will last and that in times of struggle, relief will surely come.
Ze'pozzit loqi, pozzit loqi (zee-pozz-zit loh-kee, pozz-zit loh-kee) -
'If they can talk, they can talk'. Used in the context of being wary of trusting someone with crucial information.
Ze'umne kalzetuz, pozzit tamen koriz (zee-oom-nuh kal-zee-tuzz, pozz-zit tah-men kor-izz) -
'If you have no shoes, you can still dance'. This means that just because you don't have have something (i.e. social standing etc), you should not try to achieve a goal.


Gladiz zurzum kuluz (glay-dizz zer-zumm koo-luzz) -
A fun one to start with, they are literally the infernal words for 'sword', 'up' (or 'upwards' and, well, the part of your body where solid waste comes out. Essentially, you're wishing for something sharp to find its way up a place where something sharp really ought not go up.
Muz (Muzz) -
Literally 'mouse'. Similar sounding I am aware, but just different enough to get away with it. Also, very quick and sharply said, handy in a tight spot when you want to call someone a coward.
Nul'anima (nul-an-imm-uh) -
'No soul', a cold or detached person.
Nul'zereb (nul-zeer-ebb) -
'No brains', an intellectually challenged person.
Qi'manz pozt (kee-man-tuh pozz-tuh) -
'One who stays behind you', someone treacherous, the sort to stab you in the back.
Qi'um faziliz'mentem (kee-oom fazz-ill-izz-men-tem) -
The direct translation is 'one who has an easy mind', which is to say someone who is easily manipulated. This is not necessarily an insult towards a person's intelligence.
Qi'umum mantez (kee-oom-umm man-tezz) - Roughly translates as 'one who has many lovers', the kind of person to which such an insult, I believe is fair self explanatory.
Tempoz oblivoz'ti (tem-pozz ob-liv-ozz-tee) -
'Time forgets you', saying that someone is insignificantl.
Uzta natez (uzz-tuh nah-tez) -
Most literal translation for this is 'close to buttocks', used against someone who sucks up to figures of authority.
Uzterkuz! (uzz-ter-kuzz) -
Well, basically... the (hopefully) brown stuff that comes out your rear end.
Zimliz Devorit zim-lizz bah-zee-bul -
Essentially what you are saying here is that the person has a resemblance to Devorit, Archdevil of Gluttony. Typically directed to horizontally proficient people.

Infernal: the language spoken by devils, but most commonly heard in the mortal world by tieflings as it is also their native language due to their heritage.


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By the Tiefling race, it's a common utterance when someone annoys them, but naturally Tieflings only make a tiny percentage of the continent's population so in the grander scale, not as common.

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