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When we first came into contact with the local Tiefling population, our Glowan speakers were suprised. The way they pronounced their language was so much more aggressive. Initially we didn't realise what they were saying, and didn't even recognise the language. It's only after we killed half a tribe that one of the survivors told us about it in common. We took him prisoner and forced him to teach the way of pronouncing it. After a while, our translators started learning this way of pronouncing it, using their throat to make the sounds. Suddenly, communicating with the locals became much easier. In our tongue, we call the language infernal. In hindsight, we should've done more research beforehand on the pronounciation, instead of just learning it without knowing how to actually speak it. - Exploring the Southern Desert: Expedition 1, S. Eien

Geographical Distribution

Glowan is the main language in the Everglow, one of the planes of existence. The Everglow is the home of devils. In the world, it's spoken by tieflings, mainly in the Southern Desert, as that is where they hail from.


The pronounciation of Glowan is very throat based, with hard, raw sounding sounds being dominant in the language.

Common Phrases
Wmiz vory haf vaulq myry, wzrilqyr? What are you doing here, stranger?
Mh edyiwfry My pleasure/thank you
Il Xaeratuerihn lipy In the name of Xaeratuerihn
Cfrwy haf Curse you
Brfl oaryjyr Burn Forever
Ga ta zmy yjyrduqmz To the everlight with you
Dypal'w syrjilz Demon's Servant
Ga kitc Go back
Has vory haf? How are you?
Yafr lipy Your name
Smiz krulq haf za afr mapy? What brings you to our home?
Fudzmh afzwuvyr Filthy outsider
Common Female Names
Rotish, Mislyvia, Quwala, Anizes, Zedani, Roxibis, Afki, Yoraki, Dadoris, Nethwure
Common Male Names
Valrias, Xarvir, Sirshoon, Kaixik, Morros, Kavir, Ozdos, Zhervius, Aranrakas, Malxius

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