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Audarun is a place of flourishing nations, fallen civilizations and undiscovered secrets. The known part of the world consists of two large nations, a merchant republic and a mighty empire, who trade great riches to benefit the people of Audarun. But secrets lie beneath their cities, ancient city states dot the jungles and internal conflict tear away at the self proclaimed bastions of humanity.   Non-human folk coexist with these nations, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. Some of them have their own kingdoms, or had, others live within the walls of the great cities. Their prophecies predict catastrophe, but can they be believed or are they just folk tales?   Magic and science are both flourishing, with new discoveries made every day. But the cost of these are unknown, with no one having an idea about what's to come. And what lies outside the boundaries of the known world? Who lives to the north of the Shadowback Mountains, what is beyond the Southern Desert and is there anything to the south of Grand Sea? Many things are left to be discovered and many dangers still lay in wait...