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Sebish, the language spoken by the Sebak of Torrezon, is a harsh sounding tongue. Said to have been taught tot he first Sebak by Sebakar himself, most of the upper leaders of the River Clans will refuse to speak the Common tongue to outsiders, instead having a lower member of the clan translate for them to separate themselves from the soft skinned outsiders.   Due to the fact the Sebak are found almost exclusively in the Lower Basin of Torrezon, the language itself is only spoken and found in and around the twin cities of Semunet and Apsoset. Referred to as 'River Speak' or 'Croc Tongue', depending on the politeness of the company you keep, it is mostly spoken by those who have the most contact with the Sebak themselves, such as smugglers, ruffians, dockworkers, sailors, and boatmen.

Geographical Distribution

Found among the Sebak of the Lower Basin in Torrezon, and those few others who bothered to learn their harsh tongue.


The Sebish language, as one might gather from the names of the Sebak themselves, tends to put a large emphasis on sounds with hard 'ch', 'ck', 'sh', 'sk' sounds, with the stronger the emphasis of the sound having different meanings and importance within the word structures.


Sebish morphology tends to be almost non existent, as they choose instead to, somewhat confusingly to others, state every word without a prefix or suffix, choosing instead to simply add another word to describe in its place.   Example: Where as in Common one would say 'Unkindness' to explain an action against another, in Sebish this would instead be translated out as 'Not king being'.


Because of their morphology, the syntax of Sebish can be somewhat of a disconnect for non native speakers, due to the length and almost ramble of their sentences when trying to describe something to one another.
Common Phrases
Ssek chuk rroktak
Soft skin weakling
Yurt bhuk tuh heq rrok tuh lisk seb tcha
Your bones are to weak to pick my teeth
Seb drrukith hitak yurt hepthipal
My intrest drowns in your facination
Common Female Names
Seth, Kish, Vrish, Lath
Common Male Names
Set, Fisk, Hex, Kat


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