Origin & Writing

As the language originated by Drake, the language is very limited in the scope of sounds. Their tongues are thing, and as such it is impossible for them to make many sounds. It is easier for them to create consonant sounds than vowels for this reason. As a result from the limited sounds available, many words in Haseh become quite long. This also lead to Haseh being highly context reliant, so as to not spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to say one simple idea.
  Also, due to the drake's anatomy, they are only capable of creating specific vowels. These vowels are ones that don't require lip movement, meaning only open vowels. When the vowels combine, they create diphthongs of only open vowels, never any that require lip maneuvering. For two of the same vowel, it does not change the sound but lengthen the time the vowel is pronounced. They also add hisses, growls/grumbles, and humming to their vowels to have as many vowels as consonants.
  Haseh was originally clawed into stone or tree bark. They based their written language around their mouths as that is the part of the drake that both hunts, talks, and creates flame (something important and holy to many drake).
  The language is a Syllabary.  


H (consonant) is pronounced as a hiss
h (vowel) is pronounced as an empty breath or sigh or as a glottal stop
*g is pronounced as a gravely vowel (think frog croaking)


For compound nouns, they are separated by a (hyphen)
Sounds are created by one consonant followed by none, one, or two vowels (having no vowels after a consonant is very rare).
Add "G" as prefix to create "person who does"


First word will always be the nominative noun followed by the verb  




Geographic Distribution

Dominant language of many countries in southern Hasehak and south-eastern Whidyr.

Spoken By

Mostly Drake  

Common Last Names

Ga*gSuGaeH*g (daughter of mother farmer)



40 Words.

Common Insults

Kakagoh derogatory term for Humi
Sood*g Gia-ti Flightless small things
Ñea Water bag
TiHea H*ga mixed breed
Ti Ghm-d*g one without meaning
Gia-ti lesser being
Gia-m*g ku*g undesirable meat leftovers
Kaañeeg two thirds (Suggesting that one's harem is unintelligent. The two thirds relates to the alpha female and the male are the only competent ones.)

Successor Languages


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