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Origin & Writing

A conceptual language, Law is made of two parts: Reln and Fl. Reln was added by the drake while the Fl half was provided by the Humi when the language was birthed.
  Written with Burn Writing.




D\d\: Physics | Form | State
S\t͡s\: Time
J\d͡ʑ\: Sensation | Sense (touch, smell, sound)
B\b\: Color
N\ñ\: Element
K\k\: Body part (bone, skin)
M\m\: Emotion
W\w\: Motion
ex to make bil shadow: Nil || Bone: Kag || Taste: Jep



ax \a\ɖ͡ʐ\: Physical | Above | Space | White | Body | Male | Trust | Warp space
uz \ʌ\z\:Non-Physical/Spirit | Below | Time | Black | Soul | Female | Love | Warp time
yk \j\k-\: Everchanging shape | Crest | Sixth sense | Yellow | Light | Nervous system | Joy | Roll (Walk)
il \I\l\: Unchanging shape (nigh unbreakable) | Trough | Sight/see | Purple | Shadow | Skin | Fear | Push (OI Pull)
ep (\ɛ\p-\): Liquid/wet | Descent | Taste | Blue | Water | Mind/brain | Sadness | Swim
ag (\a\g-\): Solid/dry | Ascent | Touch/Feel | Green | Earth | Bone | Disgust | Dig
ur (\ʊ\ɹ\): Energy/plasma | Fall | Smell | Red | Fire | Muscle/strength | Anger | Telekinesis
ox (\ɒ\k-\s\): Gas | Rise | Sound | Orange | Wind | Breath/Circulatory | Surprise | Fly




  (additional Law/ words to help describe but are not Lrs)
ra \ɾ\a\ Past Prefix (Makes word pertain to past) | Before | Previous
roh \ɾ\o\ Present Prefix | Present | Now (without past/future)
roo \ɾ\u\ Future Prefix (Makes word pertain to Future)| After | Next
Anti prefix (Make word opposite) | no | not
uh \ə\ Prefix to make question | who/what/when/where/why/how (OI Answer)
ee \i\ Prefix to make active | to | go | Become (same as adding suffix “Ing”/make verb) (make suffix, solo or in the middle for Do | act | execute | Move | Motion)
S \s\ Prefix making plural
oa \ɔ-\a\: Prefix to Pertain to | Pertaining to | At | Refer to | concern | For (genitive)
prar: Used to reference or pertain to the Kaw of the previous Comls
shu \ʂ\ɶ-\: Prefix to make a degree or portion of


  L \ɭ\ Word | Language
U \u\ To be/is | Be | Exist | Life | Real | Person | Being (OI Death)
ai \a-\i\ Yourself | Pertain to yourself | I | Me | (add as prefix to make possessive)
F \ɸ\ Thought | Idea
zj \ʐ\ Know | Knowledge
th \θ\ Force
oi \u\i-\ Void | Nothing | Empty (OI All | Everything)
id \I\d-\ Object | Thing |Matter | It
al \æ\ʟ\ Other | Different | That (OI Equal | This)
ez \e-\z\ Part | Piece | Section
G \g\ Root | Most basic element or part |Mean/meaning
ao \a\ɔ\ Start | Begin | From | Origin (OI end | last | stop)
T \t\ Cut | Separate | Away (OI connected | together | Specific | Join)
ul \ø\ Under | Below | In | Low (OI Above | Out | Over)
Y \ʎ\ Long | Big | great
iv \ɪ\v\ Place
ech \ɛ\χ\ Way(gateway) | Portal | Passage| Through | Overcome | Open (OI Block | Fail | Close)

eh \e\ Condition |State |State of being |Health
wa \w\a\ Want | Hope
ha \h\a\ Have | Hold | Control
em \ɛ\m\ And | Addition | More | Increasing | Also
oq \ɑ\k\ Yes | Affirmative | Right | True | Straight | Direct
ov \ɑ\v\ Curved | Rounded |Possible| Maybe | Middle | Neutral | between | Soft | Bad | Evil (OI absolute)
I \ʏ\ Speed | Velocity
P \p\ Temperature
ald \ɞ\ɭ\d\ World | Dimensional | Dimension
com \k\a-\m\ Community|Group|Government|Multiple|Multiplical(OI one|solo| Division)

ohm \ɒ\m\ Home*
kiz \k\ɪ\z\ Family*
fuh \f\ə\ Currency*
rela \ɹ\e\l\a\ Sentient* (also Reln)


(Numbers)<(A is Ah) (level, rate) (base 6)
Za \z\a\ 0
Aw \a\w\ 1
Ja \d͡ʒ \a\ 2
Ar \a\ɻ\ 3
Da \d\a\ 4
Af \a\f\ 5
Va \β\a\ 6
Pa \p\ɐ\ Makes all to the right decimal
Ap \ɐ\p\ Makes all to the right negative
Ba \b\ɐ\ Makes all to the right a binded number

when two a’s meet like Daar it becomes Dar
put before number than zero to make hundred or thousand like 100 would be Bag bajaz (zero also loses a (ex: 5000 is baf barz))
ex: 7272 > 53400 Afarda bajaz
pause between numbers to end bind like Baja … Da

Geographical distribution

World-wide usage

Geographical Distribution

World-wide usage


387 Words.
Types of words:
Idl(Subject/Object)   Lr (Descriptive)   Ls (words with multiple symbols)   Law (words with a single symbol/ letters)   Combine multiple Law to create a new “word” such as If and Loh or thought and love come together to form belief
Comls (sentence)   Kaw (first concern/ topic)   Naocomls (ends Comls both with finishing but also if the Kaw changes)(consisting of the start at the top curving around to the right until the writing utensil is at the same position as the start but lower than curving around the left and one final curve to the right)   Add (Ovk) between Ls if two Law with hard sounds is followed by another hard sound or between a Ls and a Eml (for written only)   Add - (Kerls) to separate Lr if needed to be separated such as “out back” and “trying to climb a tree” which are two different statements (written only)   Each sentence needs at least one Idl   The sentence begins with an Idl followed by whatever Lrs are needed after )The object at the beginning is the topic of the Comls)

Root Languages

Lr order of importance:

Other Idl that is pertained to ( such as trying to climb a “tree”)(does not need rr if it's right after the Idl)   Form - fundamental of the world(space/time/solid/world/physical)   Color   Sense - or something that can be sensed though not a fundamental of the world (taste/smell/dimension/hot/popular/similar)   What part(skin/bone)   State - though not something sensed with six senses (rare/popular/male)   Emotion (happy/nasty)   Quality of object (daily/ahead/ thus/not)   Action (swim/ come/ used/ finding)


A solo consonant such as T or L is followed by the Ah or Eh sound you can cluster them (rather than Ll-ah it’s Lah) (The exception is the reln Rareln, as they have a ʔ after them (Stays DuhId not Did))   If there are two very hard to combine consonants such as T and D there is a spoken ʔ between them (not written)   A lot of time only the final sound of a reln is pronounced, even if it is written such as Nulnox being pronounced Nulx. when speaking it is context that allows the implication of the N beginning of Nox (Also being pronounced with it’s accompanying vowel sound such as Thoqsil being Thoqil to differentiate from Thoqll)

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