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Insults of Ior

Offense is universal. And where offense is given, insults are likely to be thrown. There are many peoples of Ior, all with their own languages, and different dialects within those languages. One might, of course, be able to glean the meaning of a foreign insult by tone, but not always. Some insults are reserved for specific races of Ior, certain types of people, or are unique to a particular region. Some are so well known around the world that their utterance is guaranteed to start a fight no matter the situation. Here are a few examples to get you into fights all over Ior.    

Race Specific

  The Trolls of Ior are often boisterous, irreverent, and easily capable of starting fights even when they don't mean to be insulting. Often, though, they do mean to.  


  The Trollish word for an unlit cave is used to speak condescendingly of the Titan. The Trolls are uniquely brave and brazen in their distaste for the Titan, and will often use this word to curse any person they deem worthy of such insult.  


  The common Trollish word for a burrowing scavenger. This rather demeaning phrase is used to belittle any Exos Umbros, or people who associate with them.  
The elves, at least the civilized ones, tend to be more subtle in their mannerisms, but no less insulting when it comes to someone who has offended them.  


  This is a word used by Wood and Deep elves to insult Primal elves and other elves they feel give in too much to their primal urges. A rather rude insult to the more civilized elves, not many are brave enough to say it to the Primal elves themselves.    

General Insults

  Some words and phrases are often used to insult all peoples in any language. The meanings generally translate across all dialects.  

Throne Seeker

  Someone who is reckless and foolish, and thus are seeking the Throne of Nesmerleth before their time.

  This article is a work in progress, subject to change.


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