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The World Tree

  There are many tales of "world trees" which support whole worlds and realms within their cosmic branches. To be truthful, to call it a tree is a simplification but there are likely very few beings who are capable of grasping the whole reality of the universal web of realms. Yet for our purposes here, the tree is a good analogy and it is with this understanding that we shall explore its branches.  

The Cartographer

    I have been known by many names, given many titles. There are those who see me as a hero, a villain, a god, a monster. I have stood beside the greatest beings in the multirealm during their most crucial moments. I was with Kalad when he slew the Platinum King, stood on the blasted plain when the Titan was imprisoned, walked the length of dead branches where beings beyond all mortal comprehension dwell. My true name is lost to the epoch of time and space, so you may simply call me; the Cartographer.      
The Cosmic Tree
This ancient, incomplete map is an artistic representation of how the cosmological "World Tree" is organized. Though this is by no means accurate to reality, the reality is far beyond the comprehension of most beings, so this depiction will serve our purposes. There are many branching paths along this tree, and even I have not walked them all. Some branches are shattered, others dying, and some that have "fallen" entirely. These dark ways are populated by demons and other dark, unnatural entities who use paths unknown to reach the varying realms of mortals.
— The Cartographer


The Fraying Thread

Pathfinder 1e

This world hangs by a thread, and a fraying one at that.

The Night's Sun Festival

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A One-Shot Adventure...