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Merchant's Parlance in the Crown of Lidas


For those who wish to trade among the demons and devils of the Crown of Lidas but find them selves lacking in the common social grace and etiquette of their infernal peers, we at the Lidas Tourism Bureau (LTB) have compiled this so-so communication guide.   It is often stated that the race of devils that founded Lidas were among the highest of quality in every cultural aspect, making Lidas the highly coveted trade hub it is today. This is a complete misconception as the founding species was killed off long ago in a horrendous display of black blood and unholy viscera. It was, in fact, those killers that first set up the grand marketplace we now all love. In the great millennia that have passed, the Crown of Lidas had become the greatest melting pot of cultures from species across all of Lun'Dun. Unfortunately, this has also meant that communication and mercantilism had become difficult and often trying. To combat this the residents of Lidas created their own method of standard communication. While the endeavor failed horribly in its mission, the parlance stuck.   The LTB has produced the below guide to aid you in your conquest of gold. Please enjoy the following tips:   1. When haggling over prices never call the seller your “Rænthoc”. While this phrase may be a common term of endearment among your local tribes, it has evolved to become a pejorative similar to calling someone "veb-less". Best to be avoided altogether.   2. When communicating through written messages, do your best to avoid green ink. Green pigments are often hard to find in the regions surrounding Lidas, and thus green ink has become synonymous for conveying extreme passion or hate. We suggest avoiding the use of green ink unless you are attempting to woo your recipient or threaten their life (perhaps maybe both).   3. If you fear you may be losing an argument, try using antiquated terms like ”thee” or “thine”. It might help, you never know.     4. Never share your true name.     5. If after you have completed a sale and your buyer provides you your payment in a purple, velour bag, always follow after them. This is a common sign that they may be hiding something devious.   6. When negotiating prices and the other party suggest trading in fruit instead of gold, be wary. This has become a phrase used often when one party has become offended and signaling that the negotiations have become hostile. If this ever happens to you, quickly pivot and suggest trading in colored sands. Reports on the effectiveness of this vary, but it might not hurt to try.   For more helpful information in traversing the linguistic minefield of mercantilism or to report the use of a purple, velour bag, feel free to wave down any overhead information wraiths.

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