The Menicean Language

The Menicean Language is very close to real life Italian. If you wonder how a word should be pronounced, you can just ask google trad to read it. This little article will get updated each time I create new words when needed. Make sure to follow the world to not miss updates!   Menicean is used all over Ménicéa along with the Common language that came with foreigners. Gérouns will always talk to each other in their native language and using Common outside of Irisport or Dornôme will give you a really bad reputation. That's why even Humans are advised to learn the native's language when they are granted a permission to leave the cities since most Gérouns won't even know the common.  

Left to the right: Informal to most formal words

Greetings and useful words

Hello Giunni / Gen li giunni   Nice to meet you Ganienno   Au revoir Serliun / Serliunio   Thanks Vinni / Vinnien / Vinnien plente   Please Dien plisso   Yes Gin   No   Maybe Spren   I don't know Selli giugno   I know Selli   Sorry Sienno   How / What Quin   Enjoy your meal Glen senio   Today Aniora   Here Vana   Again Porga


Mister Gati   Miss Gatia   Géroun male Géroun   Géroun female Géroune /ɪ/   Male Foreigner Sien-grisso   Female Foreigner Sien-grissa   Brother Fati   Sister Fatia



Shit Klet   Idiot Apunio   Asshole Apun   Stranger Sien-grisso/a   Revoked Kistra - Means that you're as worthy as a common worker   Banished Kestra - Means that you're not even worthy of being on Menicéa  


Cover image: Stray Khajiit by Nadide Öçba


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