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Lost somewhere in the ocean, Menicea is the land of Gérouns. Weakened by the age of war that just ended, its inhabitants now seek their place in a world populated by races considerably more developed than them.   At the same time that scientific and technologic discoveries are made, mysteries and questions emerge before quickly becoming taboo. Many people think that the prosperity and happiness of the Meniceans lie on untold truths, but only a few dare to talk about it.   How far do you know about what's happening here? What will you learn? Most importantly, what will you do?
Welcome to Menicea!   I am Happy, a French guy and currently the only one working on this project that I started 5 years ago.   This world is focused on the continent that shares the same name. It is designed to be used as a location for a tabletop RPG scenario or just to be added into an existing set of continents.   You might stumble upon a few articles written in French; these are temporary and will be removed as soon as I finished translating everything. This world is aimed to be in English only.   For more information about the world itself or my intentions with it, please refer to the articles below.  
What is Menicea
Generic article | Jun 29, 2019
Menicea's goals and roadmap
Generic article | Apr 21, 2019