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Welcome to Menicea

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While Menicea is the name of the setting, it is also the name of one of its four main continents.   Menicea is a small world of four continents and countless islands in between. Or at least, that's what its people know today. After all, only two centuries went by since the first encounter. Before that, they all believed to be alone.   If you were to ask a thinker about our world, the first thing that would come to their mind is change.
Because if this world has taught anything to its people, it would be that change—often of great scale—can and will happen overnight.  
Some do their utmost to prevent it.   Some yearn to revert it.   Some wage war to earn it.
Ménicéa is a medieval-fantasy, low or high magic setting, depending on which continent you decide to play on.   Each species has its playstyle, based on its culture and beliefs, but mostly about its take on fate.   Each continent is designed to best serve its own tone and gameplay, based on its main conflict.     But everything is made to be as easily understandable as possible so you can make this world your own and tell your stories inside it.   Menicea is best played with its own system, Spark, which is being beta-tested as you read this.   Join the discord if you want to know more!

Three civilizations


Grab a seat and a handful of dominos. Game's about to start.
  The Géroun civilization blossomed on Menicea, cradled by their faith after decades of neverending wars. Their swords turned into hammers, bolas into dices, and spilled blood into wine.   Deprived of magic, last in the race to progress, yet nothing can stop them from thriving.   Nothing but maybe looking too far behind.     Discover more about Gerouns here!
Gérouns value conviviality above all, enjoying all kinds of gatherings and sharing with their neighbors.
They protect their lands and values with deeply-rooted conservative ideals, passed through generations alongside their spirituality which shaped most of their laws and culture.

kestar bust.png

Excellence and independence, for the greater good.
  A once-great civilization that decayed to dust into months. Humility was learned the hard way; tradition and knowledge were all that was left. They tried to pry into secrets the world was not ready to share, and the world pried back.   Morknars' worth is determined shortly after birth. Intelligent and charismatic children will live a life of research and leadership. Strong and quiet kids will toil and follow.     Discover more about Morknars here!
Morknar societies are structured; they believe that each individual is but a single cog in a greater machine.
Everyone has a defined place and role within the flock. They view the world through a lens of rationality and fascination, always trying to better understand its inner functioning.

glowing rune with bg.png

portrait humain placeholder.png
Where the eye can't see might just be the greatest treasure.
  Spread and diverse, Humanity is at war with itself. They struggle to decide who will change the world next, as the power they fight for will change everything.   Humans stand strong, determined, and never relinquish hard work and sacrifices as long as it makes tomorrow better.   They're the ones who first encountered everyone else, and they're set on steering the world where they please.     Discover more about Humans here!
Despite the variety of human societies in the world, most of them give importance to freedom.
Humans embrace the unknown and complexity of the world and welcome new ideas. Their large population and territories make them determined to face challenges and get what they want.

bristanaq test .png


Three homes

  Hearth and home of the Gérouns, though its many off-limits regions would make foreigners think otherwise. It's a place filled with natural and meteorological wonders—or disasters, depending on where you stand.   Everything is either new or barren, as almost no trace of the past survived the beginning of the géroun Golden Age 200 years ago.   Non-gérouns, or sien-grissos (furless) as locals call them, are banished from going anywhere outside of Irisport where they all arrive.   Discover Ménicéa!
  A vast wasteland, devoid of life but on a small peninsula, Hope's End. Grishnak is covered by the Dark Flood, a magical plague created by the people who used to call it home. All living things are a suitable meal for the flood, driven by its primal ache to cover the world.   Life tries to go on and fight back on Hope's End, where most of the survivors had to leave overseas to avoid overpopulation.   Morknars rebuilt, turning their peninsula into a mirror of what Grishnak used to be.   Discover Grishnak!
Cezica & Aiqura
  Human lands are torn, split into halves, fighting for what's in the middle. Both continents are slowly orbiting Seaglow Island, where countless ships and troops are stationed, waiting for the war to stop being cold.   Cezica is a land of union, where Histories and cultures blended into the stable Ivering Empire.   On the other hand, Aiqura is the land of wilderness and pride. Once untamable, forever changing and rebel, the Aiquran nations united when the Empire threatened Seaglow.   Discover the Human lands!
Full maps of these places are on their way!

Silver-dust (Official art) by Boksoop


Three struggles

The Mask of Fate (Official Art) by Sinlaire
  It is not always easy to see what's wrong with Menicea. Especially if you were born there. What could be so wrong in a place that teaches you to love and enjoy life?   Truth is, most Meniceans live a fulfilling, carefree life. But what about those who don't? Those who, through fate or their own will, stepped off the paved way? What happened to them?   These are the stories we never hear.   They're yours to find.   Menicea loves its people, but it cherishes stability. Especially when you don't know anything about its price.   Now, keep on thriving.    
Fetsirg (official art) by Boskoop
  What do you do when you've done the irreparable? Morknars try to fix it anyways. Each year, many brave scholars and fighters die pushing the Dark Flood back.   The strong technocracy that used to be the Spire of Science is now crumbling. The border between Low and High Morknars blurs more with each passing generation.
After all, can you really keep calling yourself the brightest after you almost brought the apocalypse?   Expatriates refuse to come back, some even formed their own nations. But those who remain do not give up. Dive after dive, loss after loss, they keep on searching. For when they finally get their land back, it will be theirs to claim.    
Dlintiarna (official art) by Boskoop
  Danger appeased the unappeasable tensions built upon centuries of conflict and resentment. But that wouldn't be possible without the dedication of hundreds of diplomats, hunters, and scholars, keeping the coalition strong and the tensions low.   On the other side of the seas, doubt reigns. For how long will money and children be sent to a war that's been cold for decades? Would we be able to use, or even just understand the power we're fighting for?   An immense source of magic, minds to appease, money to earn, a war to win, and magic phenomenons to control or eradicate. Nothing to soothe Humanity's thirst for obstacles, but will the rest of the world just watch?    

One power

Arak Tazal (official art) by Sinlaire
There is no civilization on which magic hasn't left its imprint. Magic pushed Humanity to war. It corrupted Morknars' home and saved Gérouns, giving them two gods. It is a force to be reckoned with. But not all chose to live with it.  
Gérouns cannot do magic, but magic can do them no harm. Yet, mages are strictly forbidden to set foot on their island. When asked about it, most commoners can't give a proper reason. Meniceans are taught to fear and loathe mages but one. He who brought salvation, and who shall walk among them forever.
Morknars placed magic at the center of their society. A great part of why you will end at the bottom or the top of the food chain is determined by your magic abilities. Mages hold their people's wishes and fears. Only they can ever take Grishnak back, but they also may doom it forever.
Humans' mages are seen as fortunate, blessed with power and everything it brings. But more often than not, that same power is what saw them taken away from their homes, forced into serving a greater purpose. Most wish they never had it.

Thank you for reading!

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Author's Notes

Both Géroun and Morknar busts under "Three Civilizations" are by Garnouille (Commissioned)

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