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Nelandra Aigleran

Mother of Gérouns

Everything began and will end one-day thanks to Nélandra.   Everyone lives thanks to Nélandra.
Everyone is free thanks to Nélandra.
Everyone can access happiness thanks to Nélandra.
Everyone has to remember Nélandra.
Everyone has to thank Nélandra.
Everyone has to protect her from blasphemy and oblivion.
— Tenets of the Nélandrean Cult.

Holy Books & Codes

After she became the queen, Nélandra started to write her memory along with her will for Ménicéa on books she later passed to her children. These later became the dogmas of the Nélandran cult that wants people to remember and honor her memory through prayers.   She also wrote a lot of ideas for things like the marriage that were also adopted by the cult once she passed away. These persons later wrote other books about prayers and ceremonials that are taught to people by Colombes, the equivalent of priests.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The primary symbol of Nélandra is straightforwardly her statue. These can be found literally everywhere, in big or small scales over all the continent. They will always have a little hole or a pot on them that houses a particular flower, known as the Nélandrée.   This flower looks like a tulip, it is white and extremely resistant to all kind of weather. Nélandrées only produce seeds one a year in particular conditions. They are native of the bottom of the Southern Forest and raised in greenhouses next to the White Castle. Seeds are very fragile and need to be planted right after they fall from the flower or they'll rot away. Once the seed is growing into a flower, she will stay open for a year before dying.   Nélandrées are required for an altar to be authentic. There's actually a group of religious called pilgrims that travel all Menicea every year to give each shrine a seed of Nélandrée.   Lastly, the Nélandrean cult's dominant color is white. Most religious will wear white clothing and statues will be made out of white materials.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nélandra was born during the Clan Wars when Ménicéa was split into many, many little territories controlled by small clans. Usually, boys would get trained to fight while the girls did the manual work such as farming.   Nélandra, the lone daughter of the Aigleran clan's leader, had to take on a boy's responsibilities since her dad became sterile. She had a very rough childhood, between harsh training and taunting from the other boys about her gender. Still, she managed to claim respect and became the leader of her clan after her father passed away.   Just like Aigleran's traditions told her, she fought, over and over, for pieces of territories. At some point, still unclear at this day, she realized the danger upon her species. If wars kept going on like this, there might be only a few survivors if any in a few decades.   She took on the will of uniting every clan on Ménicéa and started using diplomacy over combat. This method nearly created a revolt within the tribe, but again, she managed to convince people that it was the proper solution.   Finally, after a few years of campaigns, all the clans were fighting under her banner. Peace was achieved, and she was thanked by the people that built the White Castle for her in the capital. That's how she became the first queen of Ménicéa.  


  • Combat Training

  • - Strategy
    - Tactics
    - Menicean History
    - Menicean Geography
    - Reading and writing

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Nélandra's most significant achievement which is what made her rise to divinity is ending the Clan Wars. She didn't just conquer every single piece of land until people were all under her command. She thrived to use diplomacy when fighting was the only way people used to communicate, and her first opponent was her own clan.   After she saved her own kind from self-extermination, Nélandra remained humble as she became the first queen of Menicea.

    Personality Characteristics


    The objectives of Nélandra were always clear since she started to rely on diplomacy instead of weapons: She wanted to achieve real peace, where everyone could live a happy and fulfilling life as long as they thrived for it. Everything she did was to push people to grow closer to each other, to share and feel like one single great family.   This is where came from the principal values of the Nelandrean Cult, that are now still broadly applied throughout all Menicea.   Long after her death, some people suggested that she knew that Humans would arrive at some point, and wanted Gérouns to be united against the foreign danger.  

    Peace speech

    We are now one. Every brother and sister live under the same flag. This is everyone's victory, everyone's peace. You can all be proud, you who fought for freedom and for a brighter future.   From now on, we will keep thriving to keep this hardly gained peace, but mostly to progress and to not only survive but to live. Yes, we will now live our lives the way we intend to, everyone now has to seek happiness and bliss. This is the final order I'll give to everyone as the leader of the Aigleran clan.
    — Nélandra's speech after defeating the last tribe.


    Contacts & Relations

    Ménicéa wasn't conquered by the individual strength of Nélandra's words. She was in fact well surrounded by two generals that also left their names in History: Kelyeran Asturac and Mylandron   Kelyeran was her strategist. He had to get information about the next clan they would conquer and/or establish battle plans if needed. He also played a lot of crucial roles during the Golden Age, starting with the fact he didn't seem to age.   Mylandron was her general. He led the troops in battles and trained them during travels. He is also supposed to be the royal family's father, but this was never confirmed by either Nélandra or any of her descendants. Strangely, his last name also disappeared with time. Any official record can be found about this precise fact. The only thing he left as a clue is his unique emblem on his armor: A blue scratch mark behind the Aigleran logo.

    Wealth & Financial state

    Throughout the Clan Wars, Nélandra naturally had access to her tribe's funds. She left everything behind for her people after she became the queen, stating that having this vast castle was way enough for her. During official travels, she would rent a whole inn for her and her escort.   Most of her belongings were actually offered by people, such as her castle as mentioned before, but also her grave and statue in front of it.
    Divine Classification
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Mother of Gérouns, First Queen of Ménicéa, Savior of the Clans War, Godsent.
    46 16 62 years old
    Light Green
    Entierly white
    Divine domain
    Freedom and Peace

    Character Portrait image: by Sandara


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