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Aporea has a common language known to all people who live there. The language borrows heavily from others such as Elvish, Halfling, Dwarvish and Gnomish. There are dialectal differences between countries and even in parts of the same country with some leaning more heavily into other languages than others. This has led to a mishmash of directly translated phrases and insults that often don't make much sense unless you know the language they originated from.
Common Phrases
Small eared ugly excuse of a tree limb
Originated as a Gnomish insult directed at humans but is now widely used no matter what race the speaker or the subject are.
Used in the context of for example "that ageless smug prick" or "you ageless piece of shit". An insult directed at elves, mostly used by humans and the mildest of insulting things that can be said.
Ancient child
Originated as a human insult directed at halflings and gnomes but is now used to describe any adult who behaves in a childish manner.
Groggy goldfish
A widely used insult that implies that whoever it's referring to is stupid.
Don't cry about the dirt in your eye, take it out and look at it
A saying that originated from Dwarvish. It means that you shouldn't cry about a problem but instead do your best to solve it.
When you look at the coarse sand, see the smooth glass it can become.
A saying that means that you should see the potential in people no matter how hopeless they may seem.
Doing back flips near the edge of a cliff is a stupid idea unless you know how to fly or want to die.
Less of a saying and more of a piece of advice born from an unfortunately true and very idiotic story.


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