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On the prime material plane, the continent Aporea is comprised of eight countries. This campaign began in Eischland, and more specifically in the city of Wadesten.   Wadesten is an old, long established city with a rich history. It used to be the capital as appointed by the first ever Queen of Eischland but only remained so during her rule. When she and the King disappeared under unknown circumstances, their firstborn moved to the eastern city Sandholm and made it the new capital.   Since then, Wadesten has been governed by the Gildenstern family, a long line of dukes and duchesses. The latest duke had questionable motives for the future of the city and has been imprisoned, largely thanks to the group that calls themselves the Four Dragons.   Now the country is unstable once more as the Sandholm Palace was recently surrounded by thick, impenetrable vines which killed most of the royal family. The Four Dragons have a new mission to find the last surviving heir and bring her home safely.