Insulting Lifestyles

You seem to be having a tremendous difficulty with your lifestyle.

To a group of wood-elves living in the south of Auwan, an individuals lifestyle is the most sacred thing imaginable and to question ones lifestyle choices is at best rude and at worst cause for a duel. This will to duel can come as a surprise to foreigners who have not heard about these Elves.

The reason why the lifestyle is so important to these elves is that individuality has been promoted as a great good to take be taken care of, no matter how productive or destructive it is.

Another reason for why such a thing evolved is that elvish doesn't have words for swearing. Obviously it can happen that one might want to express their anger or frustration, so insults from other languages are commonly used, usually by those living in close proximity of other species. Those living more secluded lives say things like "You make me angry/sad" in an angry tone.

Unsurprisingly this point of view is not very compatible with other ethnicities, due to the ease with which an insult can be made to ones lifestyle. This applies especially to indirect insults. It is not unheard of that an elf becomes outraged at the words of foreigners and a fight can ensue.

Whenever a fight like this breaks out authorities usually try to step in in order to prevent deaths and property damage, but if they can't they attempt to minimise the harm the Elf can do to others around.

In one town that failed and the Elf killed the man who insulted her and then proceeded to attack anyone who thought it bad behaviour.

Common Phrases
Your chose poorly.
A child could have chosen better.


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