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Dwarven language

The language of the dwarves of the Iron Mountains is very different from the other languages of Aressa. It is rough-sounding and uses many sounds which are uncommon in other languages.  

Common or Significant Insults

The following insults have been selected based on their common usage, their cultural significance, and their "interestingness" to non-dwarves. Both their literal meaning and their usual usage are given in English.  

Siulusi, siulusa

Literally "son / daughter of a swamp," close in meaning to "fool" or "idiot"



"Useless" (this one should be self-explanatory!)


Laun i laudi

Literally "high and far away," referring to a person who cannot focus, similar to "having their head in the clouds"


Var vau dïdetalush

"To make food from the sands" - To be woefully unprepared for one's task but refuse to improve regardless


Aburn datal

"Armor of bark," describing a person who appears tough but can't back up their words in action


Dauli devir khitor

The example means "To talk about fire-powder," but would be more commonly said as "He'd talk about fire-powder"; used of a person who can't keep a secret or has no tact



Literally "nonbeing"; used of those who defile corpses, in defiance of dwarven funeral rites

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