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Nissayrian Insults

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As a nationality largely marginalized by society, Nissayrians have adapted their language to make blessings of the Gods worshiped by others into deep insults. Nissayrians are visited so rarely by outsiders, that many consider their language beneath them to learn. It is an offshoot of old Shikahni roots mixed with the common tongue spoken by most travelers or nobility, close enough for most things to be at least partially understandable, but some words are simply lost on travelers to Nissayria.

Nissayrians have mastered mocking blessings, usually with the object of their ire none the wiser. A Nissayrian irritated with a creative artist, for example, may say "Oh, you're a painter? Baia Rasana My'ia rahm py'it tabani!", and an inexperienced speaker may recognize the blessing (My'ia), but not the name of the God. In truth, the Nissayrian just said "May Destruction Bless your next painting!"

Other Insults

Other times, Nissayrians may be much more forward. Most insults are still deeply based in religion however. Calling someone a "Iny'iase tianta" (Worshiper of Truth) is as harsh of an insult to a fellow Nissayrian as they can get. Insults such as these are usually hissed with vitriol rather than spoken with a smile like the 'blessings' spoken above.

Cultural Significance

Nissayrians find their "blessings" to be extremely amusing. Truly, they number too few to act out in true aggression against those who are so thoughtlessly cruel to them. False blessings are a safe way to insult them without running much of a risk of being caught.

As much as they enjoy those of other nations thanking them sincerely for their "kindness", their favorite of all may be when they find a fellow traveler from Nissayria.
"You've been sick lately, huh?" The young Nissayrian asked her dining partner. Laughing internally, she continued. "Baia Azkini quira rahm ayanha!" She watched the other's face, smirking at her hidden jab. The other's eyes widened, and after a moment of silence, he replied with, "Baia Vari jahage le rah e canane." His reply hung in the air for a moment, before they both smiled widely, crying out jovially at finding a real companion this far away from the island.

Common Nissayrian "Blessings"

"Baia Azkini quira rahm ayanha!"
May Death hasten your recovery.

"Baia Ainai finele rahm fali"
May Deceit fill your speech.

"Baia Vari jahage le rah"
May Chaos shine on you.

"Baia Anasam My'ia rahm katry'iana paly'ina"
May Creation Bless your wife's partner.

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Jul 12, 2018 20:19

I like the idea that the insults can be both culturally contextual but also tonal, kinda like how Chinese the same word can mean two things depending on emphasis. It's a really clever idea for the language and it tells me things about their culture. Very well done!   If I had any suggestions, it would be to expand on it in the first section and perhaps add a few example. In other words: we want more! :D

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Thank you! I plan on expanding upon a lot of these once Summer Camp is over, so I'll definitely keep that in mind! Crenian, another language in the world, actually is tonal and based loosely on Chinese, so it's interesting that you bring that up! :3

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It's such a clever idea I wish I'd thought of it. Just how the context of the language can turn it into a religiously-loaded insult. :)

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