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The Nissayrian are Esseni living in the country of Nissayria to the southeast. They are well known for their open and rather blatant worshipping of the Dark God, causing most other members of society to label them as heretics. Considering that the exiled God's domain is floating above their heads, one might think it more strange if they didn't openly worship him.

Nissayrians are fairly regularly visited by their God due to his close proximity, and remain the only country with temples still erected to worship him and his role in the Cycle. Their devotion is often referred to as brainwashing by other cultures. None can believe that any would so openly worship a God ostracized by his own kind.

Nissayrians are shunned by other cultures due to their extreme religious differences, and willingness to use magic that has been outlawed in other countries. It's not uncommon for Nissayrians to cast their own disdain towards other ethnicities through veiled insults in retaliation.


Culture and cultural heritage

Nissayrians were once quite homogeneous in terms of cultural makeup. Once the Dark God was exiled, however, individuals from all other countries who still insisted on worshiping the Dark God were rounded up and exiled themselves. The Nissayrians welcomed these religious exiles with open arms, and as a result, Nissayrian culture is a amalgamation of many other cultures. They enjoy the freedom of the open relationships of the Shikahni, and the strict, runic, ritual rites of the Kitainese; the distinct respect for nature of the Rahnika, and the funerary rights of the Laiosa.

Common Dress code

Most Nissayrians default to dressing in the colors most often associated with the Dark God; deep reds, golds, grays and blacks. Many dress in a militaristic fashion rather than the more relaxed clothing other cultures adorn themselves with. Those who live closer to the eastern volcanoes tend to dress more lightly.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Like the Laiosa, Nissayrians erect elaborate funerary pyres to burn their dead. The wealthy or famous may be honored by their bodies being returned directly to the volcanoes of their land.

Common Taboos

Openly worshipping any of the Holy Trio (the Goddesses of Truth, Order, and Deceit) is considered the most extreme of taboos.


Beauty Ideals

In Nissayria, one is considered beautiful if one is fit, trained, and in peak condition. Becoming a Knight to their God is considered the highest of honors, and many Nissayrians train almost incessantly in order to try to catch his eye.

People born with the eyes of the Dark God (right yellow and left red), or stark white hair, are considered the most beautiful.

Relationship Ideals

Much like the God they worship, Nissayrians are disorganized and rather chaotic in terms of their relationships. It is not uncommon for Nissayrians to follow a more Shikahni style of relationships, wherein consenting partners may take on additional lovers as long as all are aware and agree to it. Strictly monogamous relationships are too orderly for most Nissayrians.
Common Features
Nissayrians tend to be born with slightly grayish skin. Unlike the Shikahni, whose skin tones range from lighter to darker shades of gray, Nissayrians enjoy skin tones from pale to dark underneath their slightly gray overtone.

Nissayrians tend to have green to brown eyes.

Nissayrians tend to have lightly colored hair.
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A sentient and sapient bipedal species. Equivalent to humans. Possess the ability to do magic.
Aka Divine Knight, an esseni who has made a deal with a God in exchange for a miracle. Now has control over Divine magic, and a semi-immortal life, but the God holds their soul.
A Knight that has broken their oaths and connection to their God. They retain divine magic, and regain their soul but at a cost. To continue to survive, they need to drain other mortals of their Essentia; their life force
.   Vessel
Aka Divine Vessel. Mortals born with Celestial magic and the mark of one of six Gods. Vessels act as the voice of their God on the planet, and are attended by Knights.
Mortals devoted to the Goddess of the Hunt. Trained by Knights in order to hunt down and eliminate the threat of Revenants. Also act as general peace keepers. Highly respected.

  Celestial Magic
Golden magic used by the creator of the world. Highly toxic to esseni and all organic life. Used only by the four Elder Gods and their Vessels. Control is based on conscious and subconscious desires and intent.
Silver Divine magic. The basic building block of esseni and all other life on the planet. The lifeforce of esseni, and the energy that Revenants steal. Will break down organic material back into more essentia if exposure occurs. Controlled by the Gods, Vessels, and some Knights.

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