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The Eclipse Window

Where His Light is Still Found

Banner by Terry-Lynn L and Crimz!
The midday light glittered through the windows of the Temple, leaving light in the shapes of the Gods on the floor. A young Kitainese man sat in the light cast by the right most figure, staring up at it. He'd never seen stained glass of the God of Chaos before. Every other Temple he'd taken refuge in had painstakingly removed His image from the Holy Quartet when it was renamed the Holy Trio.   "It's all He has left." The man jumped at the soft female voice. The young Nissayrian woman looked solemn, her hands folded neatly behind her back. "Everywhere else destroyed him. Forgot him."   "How long have you been following me, Dis?" The man asked softly.   "I have to keep his Vessel safe." She replied as a form of answer. "I didn't expect you to come here, Cas."   Casimir Kerrich smiled tiredly, though it didn't reach his eyes. "Hide where he least expects it." He murmured.

The Eclipse Window.png

by CrimzN and Terry-Lynn L

  The Eclipse Window is the only surviving piece of stained glass depicting all four of the Elder Gods of Tarin. The window sits within Nissayria's once Grand Temple of Chaos. Years past, this Temple was the location that the Vessel of Chaos called home. Now, it is a place of mourning, the last place on Tarin that men and women travel to worship the exiled "Dark God".   The window is a magnificent piece of artwork, and even those who don't worship Him may visit to gaze upon it. All other temples to Chaos were destroyed, the stained glass depicting Him shattered. The Nissayrians clashed with the Knights sent to destroy the Grand Temple of Chaos. Though they were unable to save the Vessel who lived within, they were able to protect the structure itself.   Some considered destroying the glass dedicated to the other three Elder Gods in a show of fierce loyalty to their God. In the end, it was decided to leave all four figures to light the halls, showing that even Chaos can be merciful.   Nissayrians gather in the temple during Solar Eclipses to allow the light from Chaos's window shine down upon them during his most holy of events, giving the window its name.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Related ethnicities
Unique. Every other piece of stained glass that included the God of Chaos was destroyed following his exile.

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Cover image: by CrimzN and [user:ChaosTearKitsune]


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25 Jul, 2019 08:59

Artwork is gorgeous. No way around that! I love the details and could just stare at it! The article is great, though I personally think it would be cool to have some kind of info box on the side about the Chaos and how he has been depicted, to compliment rest of the article.   Great job, keep it up!

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25 Jul, 2019 12:18

Thanks! I've had the icons together for a while, I'm really glad I asked for Terry-Lynn L to help with making them stained glass!   Ah, I will consider that! I'm trying to keep things purposefully vague about Chaos as he's been exiled, but at the least I'll leave a link to his article once donit's done, and that'll go into more detail about him!