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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the history surrounding a unique artefact or work of art in your world.
A total of 258 entries

Couronne de l'empereur des cieux

An El'tessa and the Feathers of An'ki

The Great Statue of Orange Island

The Locket of Protection

The Amulet of Astrona Emberwild

Spire, Tempest's Heirloom (Relic)

The Metallurgist's Manual

Nadjam Zhaqit - the Fallen Star

“Gift of the Crystal passions.”

Portrait of Eorlinas Gwen, first duke of Mirdrinda

Philosophy and The Journey To Virtuous Practice

The making of the Alicorn Amulet

The World Anvil Archive Database

Peterson-McCormick Memorial Arch

L'épée de verracier d'Aisheena

The Sword of Helitharel

Painting of the Elemental Magnates.

Binding Hammer and Ancient Spikes

The Stonen Knights of Anullia

The "Kneel On Your Sword" Mural

The Painting of the Dragon's Cities

The Deck of Altered Fates

The Silver Tree (Al-Shajarat Fidiya)

The Scroll of the Manipulative Arts

The Last Stone of Valentina Vincent

The Ichorbound Greatsword

Statue of the Lord Commander

The Haunted Portrait of Amelia Morris Carter

The Cursed Composition of Yxteul

Tou Te Rai Wyiaiyi: Star Wanderer

The Journals of Vaernas of the Valley

The little horse OF DEATH!

The Devil's fart and The child who fell from the sky.

The Mail Bikini of the Failed Heroine - WIP

Xalnan High Crown (a.k.a. the Broken Crown)

Book of Reflections or Ravings of a Madman?

Warhammer of the Last Frontier