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Strongclaw Trophy

The glistening claw-shaped trophy for winners of the Strongclaw Challenge.

The Strongclaw Trophy is a huge achievement in the worldwide sporting event enjoyed by Rakuwas across Melior.   Each trophy varies in design, depending on the country in which the tournament is being held. It is always in the shape of a claw (it's not always a Rakuwa claw) that is grasping a hard material. The claw itself is usually made of tough materials to reflect the nature of the competition. Common materials used for the claw are metals or carved stone.   The higher the league, the more valuable the materials will be. Common tournaments will recycle some of the crushed components and craft them into the trophy, adding memories and legacy to the sculpture. Big tournaments will use rare and valuable centre pieces - the rarest being large diamonds (as they represent an uncrushable material).   The trophies vary in size. Local town-based events will reward trophies no larger than a human's hand.   Some Strongclaws display their trophies on shelves, others are a little more eccentric and bend sculptures of metal to accommodate their trophies into a multi-limbed snapping horror, with the trophies as glistening claws of a made up beast.  
The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

Ethnicity | Apr 29, 2022

Competitive rakuwan folk who test their strength by crushing things.

Strongclaw Challenge
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 20, 2022

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