The motivation behind building Melior


About this Project

Melior is a dark fantasy worldbuilding project created by TJ. You can explore its rich lore at your own pace by reading articles in this interactive wiki, or you can fully immerse yourself with a group of roleplaying friends and set forth on your adventure in an epic TTRPG campaign!
Tones, Themes, & Trials
dark fantasy, post apocalyptic, dystopian, weird, surreal, 19thC   Tones:
chaos, caution, dark humour   Themes:
old vs new, disbelief, trust   Trials:
  • conflict resolution between opposing factions
  • survival against horrific magical riftbeasts
  • trying to establish a safe a place that feels like home

The world of Melior is a neutral dark setting.   Planar rifts unleashed an apocalpyse of nightmares across the globe and chaos has befallen the realm.   The monstrosities that came forth brought magic to the world of Melior (and all of the destructive powers of it, too). Living in a life of uncertainty and doubt is hard; folks don't trust each other but they need to co-operate in order to survive, reclaim, and conquer. With the discovery of magic, everything has changed.   Powers are about to shift, and the clouds above are about to break.
The Isles of Orlend cover
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Dive into gameplay

The world of Melior is available to play using the Ethnis Lite RPG System!


How To Play
I'll be updating this section with a guide and links to articles specifically for the world of Melior, but in the meantime check out the official Ethnis Lite RPG guide here for full details!  
E.Lite RPG
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The goal of the project

Melior's Unique Selling point



Reader Experience

Reader Tone

Recurring Themes

Character Agency



World Immersion

Reader & Player Experience
As you explore the world of Melior, you'll encounter the recurring tones of chaos, caution, and dark humour. The world feels tense, dark, and gritty but there's always a spark of joy somewhere to balance the sorrow.   The unsettling chaos throughout the world will either lure you into temptation of new fates and desires, or compact the foundation of your beliefs into a hardened shield to carry in your adventures.  
You'll make great friends and greater enemies in Melior.
Impact of Player Characters
Player characters can change the fate of Melior by aligning themselves with different factions and alliances. With the introduction of magic into the world, new discoveries and technologies are within reach for those with an eagerness to reach for it.   There are opportunities for peaceful negotiation or brutal domination. The fate lies in the dice of your palm.

Will you fix the world, or rebuild it anew?

About the Author

Hello! I'm TJ, the creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior!   By day I'm a graphic designer who dabbles in social media management & digital marketing, you can check out my work over on my website here.   I'm a transgender guy from the UK and I use this worldbuilding project as a place to express my writing, hone my design, polish my CSS, and let my imagination go wild in all of the creative ways that I can think of.   I pride myself in creating all of the content, artwork, maps, and design in this world - it feels great to have a project that brings all of my hobbies together in one place.  
I am building the world of Melior:
  • for fun / as a hobby
  • as an exemplary world to showcase the features of World Anvil
  • as a showcase of my writing, design, artwork, and CSS skills
  • as a project for me to continually improve upon these skills
I'm still refining the goals for this project, but some aspirations for the future are:
  • to have a complete campaign setting and content for Ethnis Lite
  • to create an art book of the world
  • to build up a community who enjoys this project as much as I do
  • maybe write a book one day?


I'm just here for WorldEmber!
— TJ

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