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You'll encounter many different Folks throughout your travels in Melior, with each flaunting their own set of unique abilities.   Everyone is familiar with the humans and fauns native to Jolundria, but you will also get to know the feathered corvidans, and the rakuwan crabfolk with their affinity to the tides.   Scale-covered manavaxians and soaring ardeans are newcomers here and came through the rifts during The Rupture.  

Social Classes

Folks of the world belong to one of four distinct social classes under rule of the aristocracy. Whilst these classes still function in many countries of Melior today, the events of The Rupture has provided opportunities for the lower class to rise and fight for equality.  
  • Gutterborn - Unfortunate folk who live in the shadows of the streets. They hope to go unnoticed (and unharmed) but strive to walk in the warm sunshine as equals to the rest of the world.
  • Proletariat - Manual labourers and hard workers. They work the roughest jobs for the smallest pay, but it’s enough to get by and have a good meal at the end of the day.
  • Emissary - Commonly identified as traders, errand runners, servants, and representatives. Small business owners also fall in under this social class due to their wealth and servitude to aristocratic clients.
  • Aristocrat - The upper class and nobility of the world. Many were born into this social class and it’s unlikely to rise into it unless you marry.
“Trust your guts, that’s how they stay inside of you.”
— A popular mantra of the Redhilts Gang
“It’s not about the riftbeast that ate your cow, it’s their hungry, growing offspring and the pack that follows.”
— A common saying of The Originator's Order
“Dreams don’t hatch by sitting on them.”
— A popular Ardean saying
“A rising tide lifts all ships.”
— A positive gutterborn mantra


(Remaining percentages belong to countries and regions that are unaffiliated with either faction.)
The Jolundrian Empire

Jolundrian Empire banner

Jolundrian Empire by TJ Trewin

- 24% Human
- 21% Faun
- 2% Quargan
- 1% Pangulan
- 5% Grukran
- 6% Rakuwan
- 33% Corvidan
- 1% Other
The Melopian Commonwealth

by TJ Trewin

- 6% Human
- 3% Faun
- 3% Quargan
- 5% Pangulan
- 24% Grukran
- 24% Rakuwan
- 22% Kumian
- 12% Other

Needs & Relations

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