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Fauns are bipedal folk native to Melior. Much like Human folk, their ancestors originally hailed from the Jolundrian continent and since then they have slowly come to populate all regions of the world. They have great natural dexterity and strength in their legs which makes it easy for them to traverse unstable or rocky terrain.   Faun folk have only got to grips with magic in the last 50 years - it was introduced to Melior during The Rupture that opened rifts across the world to the mysterious Ol'Mire plane.  
An academic Faun reading a book by 3D Model via HeroForge, created by TJ Trewin
Both Fauns and Humans have sensitive skin that becomes toad-like in the atmosphere of Ol'Mire - they can't safely traverse the plane without the condition affecting the exposed parts of their body. Prolonged exposure to the Ol'Mire air will change their skin permanently, so heavily wrapping up is recommended for short trips. Their dense hair and fur covering their lower body protects most of their skin from this condition.   Faun horns come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on their heritage. Some are more antler-like whilst others are broad and curled. Generally Faun folk only have two horns, but there are some that have four.

Skin Colours & Markings

Skin Colours
Faun folk have skin tones that can range from rich browns through into warm sandstone colours. Unlike Humans, their skin tone and hair colour does not correlate to the climate of their ancestors. Only their upper body and face are hairless.
Some Faun folk have markings on their fur which usually come in the form of small frekcle-like spots or large blotches of a different colour. Others have streaks of colour differences in their hair or tail tuft. Tattoos are limited to their bare skin on their upper body or face.
Hair/Fur Colours
For Fauns, "hair" is referring to their facial hair, scalp hair, and fine upper body hairs, and "fur" refers to the larger density of hairs that cover their lower body. Colours are usually a mix of warm tones, and there are also black, white, and grey-haired Faun; grey hair is not an indicator of age.
Eye Colours
Fauns have wide, horizontal pupils that give them a broad line of sight and their eye colours are often deep brown or golden amber coloured - some folks have pale grey or light blue eyes. Green tones are a rarity but are more commonly found in Capran folk.

Faun folk conceive as most mammalian beings do, but they can increase their fertility and chances of a successful pregnancy by eating a healthy diet or by using fertility elixirs. Some folks swear by the use of enchantments and obscure rituals rumoured to appease ancient fertility gods, but such practises have unreliable results.  
Faun pregnancy lasts only 6 months, and raising children to toddlers takes less time than Humans need to develop.  
Faun childhood lasts until they reach ten years of age and is a time of physical, mental, and magical development.
Faun adolescence lasts unil they reach twenty years of age and is considered to be the time of sexual development during puberty. Laws vary within different societies about what age an adolescent Faun is allowed to partake in different responsible activities.
Faun folk reach adult maturity after thier twentieth birthday (though many still have the mental maturity of a twelve year old). Their bodies stop developing but, oddly enough, their ears and noses will continue to grow at a barely noticeable pace throughout their lives.
Old Age & Death
Fauns are believed to have a slightly shorter lifespan than humans, though this fact has not been scientifically proven. Most Faun folk live to around 60 to 70 years old, but there have been some historical figures that have supposedly lived to the age of 137. As with all folks, the upbringing of their social classes, their profession, and their general lifestyle will have a huge impact on their lifespan.
A Faun mystic using elemental magic by 3D Model via HeroForge, created by TJ Trewin
Fauns are a playable folk in Melior character creation using the Ethnis Lite RPG setting!
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Beauty & Gender Expression
Faun folk love to express themselves with different hairstyles, horn adornments, and varnish. Some folks enjoy permanent body modifications such as piercings, scarification, or horn engraving. Horn shaping is an uncommon practise due to the discomfort involved and it can only be done during childhood and adolescence as the horns grow.
Taboos vary from culture to culture across Melior among Faun folk, but it's common courtesy to not touch their hair, tail, or horns (unless specifically invited to). Some (but not all) Fauns feel uncomfortable about the farming of goats & sheep or consuming their produce.    
Interspecies Relations
Fauns collaborate well with other folks but many are still very wary and untrusting of the strange new visitors from the Ol'Mire plane, as they've only been acquainted for just over 50 years.   Fauns share the same ancient ancestors as Humans and are able to interbreed. Their offspring are a hybrid folk called Capran which have different physicalities depending on dominant genes.   Fauns are unable to produce offspring with egg laying folk due to the incompatibility of their biology.


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