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Jolundria, seat of the Empire

The largest continent and the center of the world.

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  Jolundria is a large continent in Melior. You can tell if a map is Jolundrian because The Aurus will be directly in the center of the map, as this is where the compass points to. Jolundrians think very highly of themselves based on this fact and have been at war with the continent of Melopia for thousands of years. Melopians dispute that they are in the middle of the map, and The Aurus is at the top of Melior.  
I once heard that Melopians genuinely believe that The Aurus is on top of the world! How obsurd! Perhaps being at the bottom of the map has distorted their perspective!
  The Aurus is said to be the home of a great source of magical power from way before ancient times (this is what draws the compass towards here and nowhere else). As snow shifts and melts from season to season, ruins of old are uncovered from the Ancient Auric Folk who once lived here. Their rune encrusted spires often emerge heavily eroded from the water and ice, but who knows what lies within?   Scholars are eager to study newly emerged findings of the Ancient Auric Glyphs that adorn the walls, or the mysterious Auric Lights that have remained in tact for thousands of years. How the folk of old managed to capture the aurora borealis inside little jars wil seemingly always remain a mystery!


Jolundria is split between two clear halves: the ice cold heart of The Aurus, and the scorching sands of Tentotta. Between the two are vast temperate regions home to many folks and species.   Nestled between The Aurus and Pendelor lies the island of Kourk, which has become a strategic military base for Jolundria. It guards the easiest access route by ship from Melopia into The Aurus.   The neighbouring continents and subcontinents such as Anvil, Arklend and Kuldar are allied with Jolundria, despite some small common trade disputes that still remain.  
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Ancient Auric
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Ancient Auric was the language used by the lost civilization of The Aurus. The glyphs have been researched by scholars for thousands of years, yet their secrets are still a mystery.

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Tentotta is a hot, dry region home to The Great Tentottan Desert.


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