The Jolundrian Empire

The Jolundrian Empire

A force to be reckoned with at the heart of the world.

The Jolundrian Empire is the foremost constitutional monarchy in Melior, encompassing the regions of Arklend, Anvil, Kuldar, and Xul.   It was established upon the dawn of the Second Age, sparked by the ending of the War of Waves in 299 1A, with the coronation of Emperor Yoann Falkenrath on the 12th of Windfall 300 2A. Since then it has grown with sizeable allies in its continued wars and skirmishes against The Melopian Commonwealth.  

Dynasties of The Empire

Each reign has brought new growth to The Jolundrian Empire, but not all rulers have flourished.   The early days of the Falkenrath Dynasty was prosperous, with Kuldar and Arklend joining forces as the first global allies of Jolundria. The Severin Dynasty continued with massive global growth, connecting Anvil and Porosa to The Empire, and also formalized The Originator's Order as its major religion.   The rise of The Jolundrian Empire has not gone so smoothly since, however. The reign of the Orris Dynasty was a dark time for The Empire as it saw the sudden assassination of Empress Greta Orris, the capture of Porosa to the forces of The Melopian Commonwealth, and the tragic death of Emperor Newton Orris who fought during the battle to save Porosa.   The Jolundrian Empire is currently under The Borchard Dynasty's rule, with the Coronation of Empress Ingrid Borchard on the 6th of Hearthcall 559 3A.  

The Falkenrath Dynasty

300 2A - 393 2A

12th of Windfall 300 2A
Coronation of Emperor Yoann Falkenrath
31 years Rule ended with old age   8th of Feldturn 331 2A
Coronation of Empress Lucia Falkenrath
18 years Rule ended with childbirth   11th of Darkfall 349 2A
Coronation of Empress Amanda Falkenrath
8 years Rule ended in assassination   12th of Snowturn 357 2A
Coronation of Empress Leyla Falkenrath
26 years Rule ended with childbirth   3rd of Feastcall 383 2A
Coronation of Emperor Cedric Falkenrath
10 years Rule ended in battle

The Severin Dynasty

393 2A - 462 2A

19th of Blumecall 393 2A
Coronation of Empress Sabrina Severin
16 years Rule ended in battle   28th of Snowturn 409 2A
Coronation of Emperor Ivan Severin
28 years Rule ended with old age   4th of Feldturn 437 2A
Coronation of Emperor Isidor Severin
5 years Rule ended in assassination   20th of Seedfall 422 2A
Coronation of Empress Ester Severin
20 years Rule ended with childbirth

The Orris Dynasty

462 2A - 529 2A

10th of Feldturn 462 2A
Coronation of Empress Greta Orris
11 years Rule ended in assassination   22nd of Blumecall 473 2A
Coronation of Emperor Newton Orris
7 years Rule ended in battle   17th of Dawnturn 480 2A
Coronation of Empress Clover Orris
17 years Rule ended with childbirth   12th of Feastcall 497 2A
Coronation of Emperor Theodor Orris
32 years Rule ended with old age

The Borchard Dynasty

529 3A - present

9th of Fireturn 529 3A
Coronation of Emperor Ronan Borchard
9 years Rule ended in assassination   14th of Feldturn 538 3A
Coronation of Emperor Ormond Borchard
21 years Rule ended with old age   6th of Hearthcall 559 3A
Coronation of Empress Ingrid Borchard
5 years so far Current ruler


In addition to its homelands, The Jolundrian Empire encompasses four major regions of Arklend, Anvil, Kuldar, and Xul.    
Jolundria is the homeland of The Empire and is home to the Imperial capital, heavily fortified on the isle of Kourk. At the heart of Jolundria rests the cold core of The Aurus, pulsing with magical sky auras and hording ancient secrets beneath the ice. Temperate regions cover most of the continent, which tails off into the scorching hot sands of The Great Tentottan Desert.  
As a long term ally of Jolundria, Arklend supports The Empire's war efforts against The Melopian Commonwealth with crops, livestock, textiles, wine, and metals. Arklend's climate is temperate towards The Aurus and has warmer isles along the Sea of Esess. Arklend is the only continent that is home to both a hot and a cold desert.
Due to strong trade winds, the shores of Anvil are prone to raids and skirmishes directly from The Melopian Commonwealth. Anvil is famous for its engineers, inventors and artisans who supply The Jolundrian Empire with new technologies and fine arts. Anvil hosts a wealth of warm to tropical climate zones that taper out into an active volcanic island chain.
Xul plays a crucial support role in aiding The Jolundrian Empire with exotic medicines and deadly toxins for the battlefield. Xul is a tropical volcanic island home to lush rainforests and a sweltering desert, and whilst life in Xul might look like paradise, settlments here face their own daily battles against the horrifying beasts of the island.
After The Melopian Commonwealth gained control of Porosa, Kuldar became the next target as a stepping stone to the Jolundrian mainland. Kuldar has become a hostile war zone littered with graves both occupied and vacant. It is a temperate land with a icy cold wastelands along the Ursurian Sea.

The compass guides us home.

Colours of The Jolundrian Empire
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The compass guides us home.
— Imperial motto
The common motto of The Jolundrian Empire is quite literal in the fact that the compass points toward The Aurus. This is why the Aurus (and therefore, Jolundria) is in the center of the map, as all points lead to here.    
The Jolundrian Calendar
Generic article | Nov 20, 2022

The Jolundrian calendar is an orderly system of equal weeks and balanced months.

The Originator's Order
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

The longstanding state religion of the Jolundrian Empire who believe in an orderly life led by The Architect's plans.

The territories of The Jolundrian Empire are outlined in blue on the map. Click on a region for more information!
Melior (polar centric)

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The Second Age

300 MH 528 MH

The Third Age

529 MH and beyond


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24 May, 2020 12:20

Absolutely stunning TJ, truly!   I did find a 20-year gap between 442 when Empress Ester Severin passes away and 462 when the Orris Dynasty reigns. Makes me wonder A, is someone's calculation is wrong? And B, what happened in those 20 years? No ruler? But why? There is so much mystery which needs to be uncovered! :D   And to answer where to explore, would it bias of me if I said, with glee, the Anvil? Oh, but Arklend is where the wine is D:

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Thanks for reading, Heffé! After Empress Ester Severin stepped down from her reign after giving birth, there was no direct successor to the throne aside from the newborn child. A trusted regent was elected by the Parliament to rule the Empire during this short time. I'll add in a full historical event of this on each of the dynasties articles I'll be writing!

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24 May, 2020 17:18

Haha really good points there! The center of The Aurus is waaaay too frigid to live in, but explorers with the right enchanted equipment are able to make expeditions. Too bad not many of them make it back!   I'll be making articles for the other regions of Melior soon, Anvil will be worked on during the Summer Camp challenge in July!

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This is all exceptional, very well done! I'm curious, did you make the map? And if so, what sort of process did you use to make it? Looks like it might be some amount of photoshopping/photobashing to fit satellite images to your world?

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