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The Great Tentottan Desert

The Great Tentottan Desert is situated in the Tentotta region and spans across the vast continent. To the north of the desert lies the Larthteras mountains and beyond that, the rich Moluran rainforests.   The majority of habitable land lies in the Upper Peninsula and is home to many large cities and settlements such as The Brass Bowl, Rassal and Ranpor.   Few settlements are within the desert itself due to the shifting sands making travel dangerous and unreliable, but The Lost Kingdom of Mosat resided upon the outskirts and it's crumbling ruins are now inhabited by The Mosattan Jackknives.  


The desert is vast and encompasses many biomes. The south is much colder than the northernmost part of the desert and is home to different species of flora and fauna.   Ethereal rivers are scarce and if you are lucky you will find a hidden oasis nestled among the dunes. These beacons of life sustain lots of wildlife, but attract plenty of predators too.

Fauna & Flora

The desert is home to many battle hardened speices such as the viscious, two-tailed Mosattan Scorpion. The Mosattan Jackknives have developed a method of harvesting Suluca from these beasts, making the role of a Suluca Harvester highly profitable if they survive the job.
Included Locations
Geographic Location | Nov 20, 2022

Tentotta is a hot, dry region home to The Great Tentottan Desert.

The Lost Kingdom of Mosat
Organization | Oct 9, 2023

Deep within the shifting sand dunes of The Great Tentottan Desert lies the scattered remains of The Lost Kingdom of Mosat.

The Mosattan Jackknives
Organization | Oct 9, 2023

The Mosattan Jackknives are an illicit gang that hideout in the abandoned ruins of The Lost Kingdom of Mosat.

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