The Jolundrian Calendar

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  The Jolundrian Calendar is that of perfect balance and is used across the continent of Jolundria and nearby countries.   The year begins in the month of Seedfall and is a month of new beginnings, habits, jobs and opportunities. The entire last month of the year, Fireturn, is dedicated to planning and preparing for the year ahead as well as celebrating the achievements of the year.  

Days of the weeek

There are seven days in a week;
  1. Mornday
  2. Seconday
  3. Thirday
  4. Midday
  5. Dimday
  6. Falday
  7. Setday
  The working week always starts on a Mornday and ends on a Midday, leaving a full two days of rest before Setday, which is not considered a rest day but is traditionally a day of cleaning, preparation and organisation for the week to come. This ensures that the first day of the week does not feel so overwhelming.   Numerical and alphabetical dates are written from shortest to longest e.g. Thirday, 17th of Hearthcall 543 3A or 17/06/543/3A.  

Months of the year

There are twenty-eight days (or four weeks) in a month, meaning that each month has the same order of days. Thanks to this layout, physical calendars can be re-used every year. Annual holidays, meetings and arrangements will always happen on the same day each year.   There are ten months (or forty weeks) in a year;
  1. Seedfall
  2. Feldturn
  3. Feastcall
  4. Darkfall
  5. Snowturn
  6. Hearthcall
  7. Windfall
  8. Dawnturn
  9. Blumecall
  10. Fireturn

Important Dates

  • Mornday 1st of Seedfall - New Year's Day
  • Seconday 23rd Feldturn - Autumn Equinox
  • Mornday 22nd of Snowturn - Winter Solstice
  • Falday 20th of Dawnturn - Spring Equinox
  • Setday 21st Fireturn - Summer Solstice
  • Setday 28th of Fireturn - Day of Order

Moon Phases

The phases of the moon are named after aspects of heraldry, which refer to specific locations on a coat of arms. Dexter the left from that of the viewer and Sinister the right for the viewer.  
Moon Phase Name
01 Dark
02 Sinister Stroke
Sinister Stroke
03 Sinister Crescent
Sinister Crescent
04 Sinister Quarter
Sinister Quarter
05 Sinister Full
Sinister Full
06 Bright
07 Dexter Full
Dexter Full
08 Dexter Quarter
Dexter Quarter
09 Dexter Crescent
Dexter Crescent
10 Dexter Stroke
Dexter Stroke

Cover image: The Jolundrian Calendar by TJ Trewin
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This was the hit of motivation I needed to work on calendars today, thanks man. Gorgeous work.


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I love me a symmetrical calendar. The jelly festival really caught my eye. Sounds fun! Forge day seems like a good opportunity for poorer folks to get an education. The moon phases being associated with the places on a coat of arms is an interesting detail; I gotta take a refresher course on what those things mean.

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