Day of Order

A traditional day of cleaning at the end of the year.

The day of order takes place on the last day of the year, Setday 28th of Fireturn, and is a traditional day of thorough cleaning to celebrate the passing of the year and to prepare for New Year's Day the following morning.   It is a final chance to get everything clean, tidy and organised ready for the fresh start to the new year and it usually a very busy day with everyone running around tending to their last minute agendas.   This frantic event lasts all day and usually starts with preparing convenient and quick meals for the day as well as a healthy platter of food for New Year's Day celebrations. The bulk of the day is spent physically cleaning the house and home, starting with the dirtiest work and often working from the top of the house down through.   Children and young adults can help out around the house but are usually tasked with helping to sweep paths and make the outdoor areas look clean and tidy, or they are sent to fetch supplies or run off delivering messages. Gutterborn children earn silver Pines at this time of year by helping run errands for the busiest of families and businesses.   Towards the end of the day people spend a long time thoroughly bathing at home or at local bath houses to cleanse the last of the year's grime away ready for a fresh start tomorrow. Those celebrating New Year in the early hours will start to prepare their attire and finish the final chores of the house.   Despite sounding like a mundane day of labour and chores, this is a celebrated and exciting tradition and marks the transition from old into new.  
The more chores you get done, the better start to the year!
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