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Forge Day

A festive day celebrating creativity and imagination.

Forge Day is a festive day celebrating creativity and imagination and is celebrated on Midday, 25th of Feastcall every year.   The tradition was introduced to The Isles of Meles when Ves Paluvians introduced the festival by bringing together communities from over seas to celebrate the creation of new things, sharing knowledge and gifts with each other. Each year the traditions reach further afield, making the celebrations consecutively greater every year.   Every village competes to make the biggest, heaviest Anvil Cake they can, and communities share handcrafted gifts, songs and drinks. It is a chance for artisans to showcase their best work and learn new techniques from others (something that the artisans of Crestford take great pride in).  
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  Forge Day is a day of creating and learning, so many artisans and scholars will provide informative talks about their trade or field of study which are open to everyone, even down to the poorest Gutterborn children.   There are great opportunities to be made for the skilled crafstman, for not only is it a chance to trade quality wares of equal value, it's the best event of the year to be noticed for comissions and future job opportunities. The festival is becoming bigger each year, which brings in travellers from as far as Melopia and Tentotta seeking exotic wares to bring back to their homelands.   Writers, poets, artists and blacksmiths have been known to create their best works on this day, with many famous historical masterpieces being created on this date.  

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Anvil Cakes, Forge Day Cookies, handmade gifts, poetry, songs, warm drinks
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